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Momi Kenani Baby Swing

The MoMi Kenani Baby Swing, the ultimate solution for keeping your little one comfortable and entertained! This electric bouncer is designed specifically for babies up to 9 kg, making it the perfect addition to your baby collection. The spacious and cozy design ensures that your baby will feel secure and supported while they play or rest.

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Kinderkraft Mimi Rocker

MIMI bouncer is pure minimalism closed in a beautiful form. Safety, comfort, and chic in one. It will help to soothe the child even during very restless days, at the same time not providing too many stimuli.

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Momi Glossy Bouncer

Introducing the MoMi Glossy Bouncer - the ultimate solution to keep your little one entertained and comfortable! This lightweight and easy-to-set-out seat provides a soft padding that will make your baby feel cozy and relaxed. The ergonomic backrest is designed to support your baby's natural posture, ensuring a comfortable position at all times.

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Kinderkraft Luli Electric 2 in 1 Bouncer Rocker

LULI is an electric bouncer-rocker that stands out from other products of its kind not only thanks to its beautiful, modern design, but also its pendulum rocking motion. LULI rocks your child like a pendulum instead of backwards and forwards – this motion reflects the natural motion of the child in the mother's belly.


Red Kite Baby Go Round Jump A Round Jungle

The Baby Go Round Jumparound is suitable from 6 months once baby is starting to gain some independence.  Featuring a multi-functional bouncy jumper station loaded with features and functions that will help with your child’s sensory development skills.


Maxi Cosi Cassia Electric Swing

As a (new) parent, we know you can never get enough of holding your little one. It’s just that with working, cooking, laundry, sometimes you simply need both hands free. Imagine a smart set of extra arms to comfort your baby during those moments

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A sweet soother swings and sways just the way baby wants. Lift-off swing seat doubles as a portable rocker for convenient use in any space.


Red Kite Baya Bouncer

Simplicity at its best, the Baya Bouncer simply performs exactly what you expect. Contoured shaped seat gives your baby a ultra-comfortable fit with full support for head and spine.

Gentle motion bouncing action as baby starts to develop movement will provide a natural rocking sensation.

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Bababing Hub Electric Swing

Calling all sleep-deprived parents! Be the first to own our budget-friendly, easy-to-use Hub Swing. Complete with 5 gentle swinging options, Bluetooth-enabled sounds and a handy built-in timer, this lightweight swing is the one-stop snoozing spot for your little one to drift off in – and for you to get some much-needed R&R while they do!


Maxi Cosi Kori 2 in 1 Rocker

Rocking, playing, sitting, digesting or chilling - your baby can do it all in luxurious comfort and style, directly from birth. With its super-padded newborn inlay and three recline positions, the Kori is a safe space for your baby to relax and unwind, or energetically play, whenever you need both hands free. And the toy arch overhead will keep your baby stimulated and entertained. Ultra-lightweight (only 2.7kg!), it easily folds and stores away.


The Cozy Bounce in Linen is a gorgeous bouncer that is perfect for both play time and nap time!

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Hauck Alpha Bouncer 2 in 1

The 2-in-1 Alpha Bouncer comes with two functions: it can be used either as bouncer on the included frame or as highchair module for new-borns on the Alpha+ wooden highchair, allowing your baby to be at eye level and at the heart of the family from day one.


Red Kite Siesta Swing

We all know that babies are happiest when being held or rocked and the Siesta Swing will help make your baby very happy and content. Featuring calming side to side swaying action to replicate a soft rocking motion along the sounds of soothing music and lullabies.

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Momi Luis Bouncer

The MoMi Luis Bouncer - the perfect companion for your little one! This rocker is designed with both safety and entertainment in mind, ensuring that your baby is always engaged and secure. With its vibrant colours and playful design, MoMi Luis is sure to become your baby's new favourite friend.

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A sweet soother swings and sways just the way baby wants. Lift-off swing seat doubles as a portable rocker for convenient use in any space.


Hauck Rocky Bouncer

In the Rocky bouncer, your child will feel very comfortable at any time. The bouncer has a soft cover and offers optimum lying comfort.

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Serina Swivel Swing - Natures Alphabet

Dual motion seat swings front to back or side to side with a simple twist 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds pair with vibration and 3-position recline to sooth while swaying, integrated wheels and compact frame make moving from room to room a breeze


Badabulle Comfort Swing is perfect for your little one to catch a napp with 5 soothing swing speeds and 12 soothing tunes.


Ideal baby bouncer for keeping baby comfortable right from birth!


Cybex Lemo Bouncer

Designed for baby’s day. The new Lemo Bouncer enables them to eat, sleep or play in maximum comfort and safety. Set the adjustable bouncer backrest to a horizontal position when the baby falls asleep, or semi-upright when they’re awake and ready to eat or play. Bouncing helps babies development, and it’s a lot of fun! The baby can bounce naturally, staying safe and supported.

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Bababing Float Baby Bouncer

Introducing the ‘NEW’ Float Baby Bouncer that has been designed by the team at BabaBing! to answer the ongoing questions by most parents – “Where can I purchase cost effective baby bouncers that blend into my home without looking so intrusive”?

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Swoon Motion Baby Swing

Practical, fun and comfortable baby swing


The Lullaby swing is perfect for entertaining and calming baby anywhere. With a portable and compact design, the Lullaby swing folds compactly to make storage and travelling easy.

RRP £279.99
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Babymoov Swoon Evolution Motion Baby Swing

The Babymoov Swoon Evolution Motion Baby Swing is the perfect solution to soothe your baby when you need your hands free. This innovative baby swing combines 8 different swing movements with 5 speeds to mimic the feeling of being rocked in a parent's arms. With its ultra-smooth motion, the Swoon Evolution provides a calming and soothing sensation for your little one.