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Extra transmitter for Premium care

Look after 2 babies with an extra transmitter for your Premium Care audio baby monitor.


The babymoov YOO-MOOV is a motorised video baby monitor, with the camera placed in your little ones nursery, you can control its movements remotely from your receiver. You can tilt it from front to back as well as from right to left, so it gives you a 360 view!



The "intuitive" one! YOO-Feel is the sleek, innovative and easy-to-use video baby monitor - just plug & play.


Additional Camera ONLY for the YOO-Moov 360° motorised video baby monitor


YOO-See Video Baby Monitor

The “easy-to-use” one! YOO-See is the ultra-compact video monitor you can hang anywhere.


Premium Care Baby Monitor

The sleek, innovative and multi-functional audio baby monitor.


Expert Care Baby Monitor

The long-range, state-of-the-art audio monitor with night light function and triple alarm system.


Additional camera YOO-Feel

Connect up to 4 Cameras to the YOO-Feel Video Baby Monitor!


New Simply care Baby Monitor

The NEW great-value, simple and efficient audio baby monitor.


The Easy Care Baby Monitor provides clear sound with zero interference, a voice activation system and both audio and visual
alarms. Our Digital Green Technology means Easy Care has low emission power levels, maximising baby’s safety around the clock.


Additional camera YOO-See

Connect up to 4 Cameras to the YOO-See Video Baby Monitor!


The “on-the-go” one! YOO-Travel is the video baby monitor you can take anywhere, thanks to its long battery life.


Baby Monitor Plug


Additional cameras can be added to your YOO-Travel, providing excellent monitoring for families with multiple children to keep an eye on! The cameras offer high quality imaging, night vision