Babymoov Foodii™ Reusable Food Pouches Starter Kit


Store and feed homemade baby food easily with Foodii™ reusable pouches. Pouch replacement pack for Foodii Starter Kit.

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Mess-free Foodii reusable feeding/weaning pouches for on-the-go and at home!

Feeding spout and spoon also come with leak-proof caps for perfect storage and transportation.

Thanks to soft silicone spoon feeding piece, Foodii can be used from early weaning stages (6 months +) for mess-free feeding of purees and soups, yoghurt etc. The two feeding spouts allow baby to progress from the spoon to the spout as they develop. The silicone spoon encourages baby to feed themselves as well as develop co-ordination early on (this supports mouth muscle development and long-term speech pronunciation too) 

If making homemade baby food, Foodii allows parents to transfer and store prepared baby meals easily into portions. Foodii pouches can be filled and stored safely in a fridge or freezer. From fridge to mouth, the snack spout or silicone squeeze spoon can be twisted onto the pouch and fed to baby straight away without any additional transfer.

The convenient design of Foodii means weaning and feeding snacks or meals to baby/toddler while out and about is as easy as feeding them at home, requiring no preparation, no extra feeding accessories e.g bowls, plates or spoons and is mess-free.

Foodii pouches can be cleaned by hand after use and refilled again (recommended up to 5 times) Foodii pouches are also recyclable where facilities allow.

The silicone spoon piece is ultra-soft and specifically made from silicone to be flexible and gentle on a young baby's delicate gums.

 Foodii was also designed to be used in conjunction with the Nutribaby + by Babymoov. Baby purees are easily prepared and then transferred to Foodii feeding pouches. These products were designed to make the entire process of feeding your baby and toddler homemade meals simple, effortless and efficient.

10 pre-sterilised, reusable pouches

1 wide spout 470ml snack filler bottle - to transfer baby food/purees/meals into the pouches mess-free

1 Squeeze™ silicone spoon

2 screw-on Snack Spouts™

Technical features 

  • Not suitable for temperatures over 70° (do not re-heat in the microwave or in other bottle warmers that do not have a maximum heat setting) 
  • Wash by hand using a bottle brush 
  • Product guaranteed BPA-free, PVC-free, latex-free and phthalate-free


Suitable from
6 months plus
Made from

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