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Kinderkraft Easytwist – Tricycle

A walk is a great opportunity for a child to discover the world around them. To support your toddler's development, instead of a traditional stroller, why not choose the Kinderkraft lightweight EASYTWIST tricycle made of magnesium alloy?

RRP £129.00
Save £9.10

The Kinderkraft AVEO tricycle is suitable for children from nine months to five years (3-in-1). It's equipped with EVA foam tyres with shock absorbers that don't require pumping. Another advantage of the AVEO tricycle is the swivel seat, which allows you to have your child facing backwards or forwards.


Kinderkraft Spinstep 5 in 1 Tricycle

Enjoy spending time outdoors together with your child and discover the benefits that the SPINSTEP 5-in-1 tricycle can bring! This trike will grow with your child, and thanks to the modular frame, the disassembly of individual elements is a breeze

RRP £109.00
Save £9.10

Kinderkraft Aston Tricycle

The ASTON tricycle is suitable for children aged from nine months to five years. The configuration options make it easy to adjust to the age and height of your child.


Kinderkraft Rapid - Balance Bicycle

RAPID is fast, lightweight and makes a strong statement. It's a balance bike for young lovers of city trips and park adventures. It's refined down to the very last detail.

RRP £44.90
Save £10.00

Kinderkraft Cutie - Push / Ride-On Tricycle

CUTIE is a mini tricycle that combines unique, modern design, a safe structure and the benefits of a balance bike and tricycle. It's designed specially for young explorers. It's suitable for children from 12 months!

RRP £79.90
Save £10.00

Kinderkraft 4TRIKE Tricycle

The folding 4TRIKE tricycle is the perfect companion for playtime out in the fresh air, irrespective of whether your child wants to ride the trike or the mini balance bike. 4TRIKE combines three products in one:


Kinderkraft GOSwift Balance Bike

GOSWIFT is an ultra-lightweight balance bike with a magnesium alloy frame. Your child will absolutely love the safe, dynamic design, durable sports ball bearings and air-filled tyres combined with the adjustable seat height. 


  • Ultra-lightweight and durable thanks to a magnesium frame
  • Large, air-filled rubber wheels with ball bearings suitable for all sorts of terrains
  • Comfortable handles, soft seat – ideal for learning to ride
  • Stylish lines of the bike, unique design
RRP £49.90
Save £5.00

Kinderkraft Uniq Wooden - Balance Bicycle

UNIQ is a one-of-a-kind balance bike designed for children from the age of two. Thanks to the adjustable seat, which is mounted on a metal support, and the durable, safe structure made of birch wood,


Kinderkraft Minibi Tricycle

Discover MINIBI – the first gorgeous push toy for your child! Your little one will fall in love with it at first sight – the design is stunning and will encourage active play both at home and outdoors.


  • 2-in-1 - trike and ride on
  • From 12 months
  • Small, lightweight, comfortable
  • For home and outdoors
  • Teaches coordination