Boon STEM Drying Rack Accessory


Wish your Lawn or Grass countertop drying rack had a bit more room? Try a little flower power.

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A dishwasher basket that holds everything? Your everyday purse can’t even do that.


Boon introduces a fresh take on drying racks. From bottles to pacifiers, Grass holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass, while water collects in the tray below.


Lots of Grass = Lawn. Basically, we took everything you love about Grass and made it bigger.


Boon brings three of their most popular drying accessories together in one bundle! The Boon LAWN Drying Rack's flexible
grass blades hold all of your just-washed baby accessories.


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The POKE and STEM drying rack accessories attach easily to your LAWN, GRASS, or PATCH drying rack.


Patch is perfect for narrow spaces, like the windowsill or that utterly useless area behind the sink. It holds all of the just-washed baby accessories.


Boon's PUMP cleaning kit takes away your worries about cleaning up while away from home. This super compact drying rack fits easily into your bag and has everything you need to keep breast pump parts and accessories clean while on the go.


Wish your Lawn or Grass countertop drying rack had a bit more room? Try a little flower power. The Stem Drying Rack blossoms out above your washing up, to create additional capacity for air-drying small items where you can see them – dummies, bottle tops, teats and more. 

So plant Stem in the middle and use it to hold these small parts and even hang bibs from while you free space below for drying bigger items.

  • Accessory for Patch, Grass or Lawn drying racks to create extra drying capacity
  • Can be used to hold small items or hang items like bibs from
  • Plant Stem in the middle and arrange larger items to dry around the base
  • Free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC


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