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Mini-Uno SecureFix Isofix Base

The MiniUno SecureFix ISOFIX Base is compatible with The SecureFix Group 0+ car seat for both TouchFold

Travel System and the Toura Travel System. The SecureFix car seat clips on and off the base quickly and easily, and the isofix connectors mean that installing the base in your car could not be simpler.

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Egg Shell Isofix Base

The Egg shell base anchors to the vehicle using Isofix points. There’s an extendable leg and a rebound bar for stability as well as visual indicators for a simple and correct installation. The seat can also be installed using a 3-point vehicle seat belt (ECE R44/04).


Cybex Base T

The practical and versatile Base T is a safe and secure foundation for the CYBEX T Line Modular System. Its rotation mechanism enables easy on and off-boarding of both the Cloud T i-Size and Sirona T i-Size car seats, while the optimized and user-friendly ISOFIX release buttons visual indicators confirm the correct setup on both the ISOFIX buttons and Load Leg. 

RRP £209.99
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Maxi Cosi Familyfix 360 isofix Base

We understand that children grow up fast. That’s why we’ve designed the unique 360 Family. This next generation rotating car seat system, consisting of a rotating FamilyFix 360 base and compatible Pebble 360 & Pearl 360 car seats, carries your baby from newborn up to 4 years old!


Nuna Base Next - Rotating

One base. Four ways to ride. BASE next™ offers ultimate adaptibility as the foundation of a modular system compatible with CARI next, a carry cot car seat; PIPA next, our versatile infant car seat; ARRA next, our lie-flat infant car seat; and TODL next, a sleek seat that grows with baby from newborn to toddler.

RRP £139.00
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Doona ISOFix Base

The Doona ISOFIX Base from Simple Parenting has been designed exclusively for use with the Doona Infant Car Seat.


Joie I-Base Encore 360

The first fully rotating modular base by Joie is a combination of a high standard of safety and exceptional ease of use. Thanks to the swivel mechanism , we can easily put the child in the car, and thanks to its versatility, we do not have to limit ourselves to only one model. 


I Level Recline, Calmi Car Bed, I Snug 2, I Gemm 3 and I Harbour.

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Maxi-Cosi’s CabrioFix i-Size base is the perfect match with the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix i-Size car seat, providing you with an easy-to-use Click & Go installation. Our Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix i-Size base easily attaches to your car’s ISOFIX anchor points. Make sure you follow the steps in our user manual to ensure it is correctly installed into your car.

RRP £149.00
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Egg Shell Isofix Base

The Egg shell base anchors to the vehicle using Isofix points. There’s an extendable leg and a rebound bar for stability as well as visual indicators for a simple and correct installation. The seat can also be installed using a 3-point vehicle seat belt (ECE R44/04).

RRP £75.00
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Use an ISOFIX car seat base for safe and easy installation of your infant carrier. Guaranteed hassle-free with ‘Lock n Go Seat’ fitting system – colour coded locking for easy and safe installation in car.


Joie I-Base Advance

The Joie I-Base Advance is a top-of-the-line i-Size certified base designed for your baby's safety and comfort. It features a deep recline position that ensures your little one is always in the best seating position, even on long journeys.


 Joie i-Snug™ 2 and i-Gemm™ 3 infant carriers


Silver Cross Dream i-size base

The Silver Cross Dream i-Size Base is the perfect accessory for your little one's car seat. It is designed to work seamlessly with the Silver Cross Dream i-Size Car Seat, ensuring your baby travels safely and comfortably every time you hit the road.


Venicci IQ Isofix Base

The IQ base is a reliable ISOFIX base developed for Venicci ULTRALITE as well as for AeroFIX. It uses a patented single socket solution for directly connecting the child seat to the car. The reduced number of connections between the belts and the ISOFIX system maximizes the child's safety by making it easier to transfer more energy to the car's structure instead of the child


Maxi Cosi Familyfix 360 Pro isofix Base

360 Pro is the only car seat base that rotates and slides toward you using Maxi-Cosi’s patented SlideTech™ technology. Our revolutionary sliding car seat technology makes getting your child in and out of the car easier than ever before. No backache, head bangs, or struggles; simply lock, slide, spin, and go!

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Bababing Hera Infant i-Size Isofix Base

Let sleeping babies lie with our NEW Hera Infant Car Seat Isofix Base. Fix our Hera Infant i-Size Car seat to your car, quickly and simply, and just click in and out. No more wrestling with wrapping seatbelts! Comes with tired-parent-friendly instructions down the side for easy installation.


Mee-Go Mee-go Cosmo i-Size Base

Pair up the Cosmo i-Size car seat with the isofix base for improved safety and convenience.


Babystyle Prestige Isofix Car Seat Base

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Base M  is compatible with the Aton M and Sirona M2 i-Size.


Vennici Isofix


Bebecar EasymaxiBase Isofix RX-I

The Easymaxi XL-i infant car seat can be fitted into a vehicle using the standard seat belts. However, to make fitting faster and easier, you can choose an EasymaxiBase Isofix RX-i, which remains fitted in the vehicle using the ISOFIX system.


My Babiie i-Size Isofix Base

The My Babiie iSize Isofix Base is the perfect addition to your travel gear if you're looking for a safe and secure way to install your My Babiie iSize infant carrier. This base uses Isofix attachment points, which are integrated into most modern cars to ensure maximum safety when installing infant car seats.


Joie ClickFit base

Ensures a simple and secure install every time - as child seat pops on with a simple click and off with the push of a button.  Belt tensioner ensures extra firm installation of base to vehicle, seat Colour indicators confirm correct installation of support leg and child seat.

Compatible with

 Joie i-gemm™ and i-juva™ group 0+ infant seats

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The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna Isofix Base. Designed with your convenience in mind, it is easy to place in your car—it only takes a few seconds to install it.


he ISOfix base makes installing your protect™ infant car seat ultra safe and easy. Install the ISOfix base using ISOfix anchor points in your car, then click protect in and out for a safe and convenient fit, every time.