Chicco Billy Big Wheels


Conquer challenging terrains with the Billy Big Wheels remote control car, this off-road vehicle is designed to drive over obstacles thanks to its big wheels.

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This off- road car can go over obstacles thanks to its large wheels. With intuitive remote control in the form of a real steering wheel: turning to the left or right makes the vehicle change direction. When the car accelerates the headlights light up and the motor roars. 

When going backwards a warning sound will arise. Suitable for 2 years to 6 years old. Billy Big wheels can be used off road driving effortlessly over obstacles thanks to the large wheels. Intuitive remote control complete with horn When accelerating the headlights lights up and the motor roars Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Turn the radio control to the right and the car goes to the right, steers to the left and changes direction. Billy BigWheels is a complete and fun vehicle, it has the roar of the engine when accelerating and the warning signal when reversing, pressing the central button of the radio control honks the horn and real lights illuminate when it is moving.

Suitable from 2-6 years.


15 x 13 x 20cm



Interactive toys
Suitable from
2 Years +
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year

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