Chicco First Dreams Next2Stars Projector


An innovative projector panel with a special practicle and safe hook system to attached to metal and woodern cots. Suitable for Next2Me, Next2Me Dram and lullago. Projects with automatic colour change in 3 different light effects. A built in sound sensor activates the light and music if your child is cries during the night. 

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The Next2Stars Projector is an innovative projector designed to safely and practically hook onto the side of your little ones crib, displaying soft colourful lights alongside calming music to help your baby drift off to sleep. The safe hook system and hooking change allows the easy attachment to most cribs, cots and travel cots. 

Projecction is played with an automatic colour change in 3 different light effects: night-time projection, soft projection and night light. The built in sound sensor means the Next2Stars can activate its light and sound cycle automatically if, during the night, it senses your little one crying. Cycles last for 30 minutes. Attached to the projector is a soft plush teddy bear that is removable and machine washable. 

The Next2Stars is suitable for Next2Me, Next2Me Dream, Next2Me Magic and Lullago. 3 different light effects: night time projection, soft projection and night light. Sound sensor to automatically acvtivate cycle when baby is crying 30 minutes of music and projections Removable and machine washable soft toy. Compatible with crib and cot beds with tubular parts up to 38 mm only 


Product Type
Sleeping aids
Machine washable

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