Chicco Fit & Fun Hedgehog


Mister Ring is an innovation on the traditional toy game, have barrels of fun trying to toss the rings over the rotating hedgehog!

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Mister Ring is a fun twist on the traditional ring toy game, which can be enjoyed by all the family. The base rotates at 2 different speeds, increasing in difficulty and captivating attention with fun challenges that are different every time. Complete with 8 coloured lightweight plastic rings that a perfect for playing with indoors and 6 musical tunes, stimulating manual coordination and precision. Suitable from 2-5 years.

Traditional ring toy given a new, modern look. 2 rotational speeds to increase difficulty and create fun challenges. 8 coloured rings in lightweight plastic for playing indoors. Stimulates manual coordination skills and precision. 

Suitable from 2-5 years. 


24 x 24 x 12.5cm



Interactive toys
Suitable from
2 Years +
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year

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