Chicco Mama Lullaby Sheep


A soft little lamb with a gentle night light to accompany your baby into the land of sleep

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Lullaby Sheep is a soft plush lamb with a gentle nightlight designed to keep your little one company as they fall asleep. A built in voice recorder allows you to record your own voice and sounds that can soothe your little one at times of discomfort - a special sound sensor can also detect when your baby is crying to then activate sounds to comfort them. 

The gentle night light automatically changes colour, gently lighting the room to reassure your baby. The sounds can play for 30 minutes and feature soothing melodies, nature sounds and white noise. The main body of Lullaby Sheep is fluffly and cuddly which soft plastic inserts. For cleaning convenience the Lullaby Sheep is machine washable thanks to the removable electronics compartment. Voice recorder functions to create your very own special sounds.

Soft tummy button to activate the 30 minutes of lights and sounds. Automatically-activated sound sensor. Mashing washable thanks to the removable electronics compartment Suitable from 0m+.


21 x 30 x 12


Product Type
Sleeping aids
Machine washable

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