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Maxi Cosi Iora Air Co-Sleeper

Having your newborn home, is such a special time. The Maxi-Cosi Iora Air is an extra-comfortable, soothing co-sleeper, designed to keep your baby close and deepen that special bond. A sumptuously thick mattress will provide all the comfort your little one needs. 


Bababing Bedside and Travel Co-Sleeper Crib

The RedDot award-winning Bababing Crib doubles as a compact, portable travel crib and bedside crib. It features zip-down sides and is adjustable for compatibility with all beds. The crib also boasts under storage for extra space when travelling. It’s made with a luxury, soft, breathable inner lining (Kose Cool™) to provide ultimate comfort for babies.


Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Sleeper

Help your baby feel secure, safe and comfortable with The Maxi Cosi Iora bedside crib. Supporting safe co-sleeping, the Iora can be attached to your bed, keeping your little one close to you and making comforting and feeding in the night easier and less disruptive for both of you.

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Momi Belove Travel Cot

The MoMi Belove travel cot, the ultimate solution for parents on-the-go! Whether you're headed on a family vacation or simply need a reliable place for your little one to sleep during out-of-home nights, this travel cot has got you covered.


Joie Roomie Go Bedside Sleeper

Sleeping safely side by side without sharing a bed makes parent-baby bonding a dream. Now imagine that everywhere you go, your little one snugly in arm’s reach, you can easily feed, cuddle, soothe or simply stare at that sweet face from the comfort of any bed.

RRP £140.00
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Momi Revo 2 in 1 Bedside Cot

The MoMi REVO 2-in-1 bedside cot is the ultimate solution for parents who want to keep their baby close during the night while still providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space. This versatile cot can be used as a standalone baby cot during the day, or easily converted into a bedside cot at night by simply removing one side and attaching it securely to the bed.


Joie Roomie Glide Side Sleeping Crib

Introducing Joie Roomie Glide, the ultimate solution offering peace of mind to parents by ensuring the safety of their little ones right by their side.

Featuring a unique drop-down side for a side-sleeper option, parents can easily attend to their babies for feeding, changing, or soothing without having to leave the bed. The crib also offers 11 different height adjustments to ensure optimal positioning and comfort for both the baby and the parents.


This versatile and stylish crib helps you and your little one grab some extra winks, which are so valuable in the early days of having a newborn. Knowing that you are only arms length's away when they need you, giving you peace of mind and allowing baby to sense you are close by.


When your little one arrives, you won’t want to let them out of your sight. With the Bubba&Me Bedside Crib, you won’t have to. The compact cot attaches to your bed, so baby can sleep right alongside you


Ickle bubba Mini Rocker Crib

Looking for a cozy rocking crib that’s perfect for smaller spaces? The Mini Rocker Crib from Ickle Bubba is so quick and easy to use it can be assembled or disassembled in just 5 seconds. Its mini size makes it perfect for smaller bedrooms and is a great alternative to a moses basket. 


Outstanding safety and quality with contemporary design and intelligent functionality. Bringing you closer to your baby for easy comforting and feeding in the night.

Key Features

  • Suitable from birth to approx 9kg
  • Side sleeping allows you to sleep close to baby and develop a stronger bond
  • Adjustable height allowing you to match the base height to your bed
  • Adjustable incline allowing the crib to tilt to help with digestion, reflux and colds
  • Converts into a stylish playpen

RRP £170.00
Save £20.00

Momi Smart Bed Bedside Cot

The MoMi Smart Bed Bedside Cot, the ultimate sleep solution for your little one. With the MoMi Smart Bed 4in1, you don't just get a comfortable sleeping space for your baby, but also a versatile bedside cot and a playpen for your growing child.


Ickle bubba Drift Gliding Crib

Have you been dreaming of a crib that gently rocks your child to sleep? Watch as your baby drifts off in perfect comfort with the Drift Gliding Crib from Ickle Bubba.

Drift Gliding Crib | With gentle glide rocking function

Suitable from birth – 9kg, this crib is designed from the ground up with peaceful sleep in mind, with breathable mesh panels, a comfy mattress and a gliding function that can be turned to static mode when needed, meaning a restful night for both you and bubba. 


The experts at Purflo have put their 25 years of experience in breathable technology and sleep science into the PurAir Breathable Crib. With airflow mesh sides and a comfortable, firm, flat mattress