Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 Car Seat with Base

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Evoluna i-size 2 Car Seat with Base

A car seat for children who are 45-83 cm tall, RWF, compliant with the i-Size standard (UN/ECE R129), with the innovative Lie-Flat system, which enables your baby to adopt the lie-flat position while riding in the car. The car seat has been designed by German engineers 

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Evoluna i-size 2 Car Seat with Base

A car seat for children who are 45-83 cm tall, RWF, compliant with the i-Size standard (UN/ECE R129), with the innovative Lie-Flat system, which enables your baby to adopt the lie-flat position while riding in the car. The car seat has been designed by German engineers – it features precise workmanship, advanced technology and a dedicated systems to ensure your child is completely safe and comfortable when travelling. 

It's perfect for mobile parents who love taking their baby on trips, and it can also be affixed to the pushchair frame (Travel System).

Its safety and convenience are confirmed by the high ratings issued by independent institutes and numerous international research centres, including ADAC 1.7 (Good), ÖAMTC "Good", and TCS "Highly recommended".


  • A car seat for children 45-83 cm tall, RWF (rear facing travel)
  • Conforms with the i-Size standard (ECE-R129)
  • High ratings obtained in tests conducted by independent research centres.
  • Designed in Germany
  • Installation with Kiddy Isofix Base 2 with support leg (included in the set)
  • Lie-Flat system so your baby can adopt the lie-flat position when riding in the car
  • Durable shell that absorbs energy during impact
  • Reinforcement (bumpers) on the sides and handle of the car seat
  • Thanks to the lie-flat position, it can be an alternative to a carrycot in a pushchair
  • Ribbed frame providing shock absorption and air flow
  • One-Click Attachment system – quick and intuitive affixing of the car seat to the base
  • Option of creating a Travel System with pushchairs by Kiddy and other brands
  • Three-point safety harness with five height adjustment options
  • Large canopy made of UPF80+ sunscreen fabric
  • Additional modular insert for young children (up to six months)
  • Wide, deep seat and comfortable backrest
  • Removable cover, which can be machine washed (at 30 degrees)

Lie-Flat System – healthier lie-flat position in the car

Lie-flat position in the car – in the Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat, your child can adopt the lie-flat position when travelling! It enables your baby to assume a more ergonomic, healthier position to ensure better oxygenation (their head won't flop onto their chest) and a better – for your child's development – position of the spine and pelvis, which is very delicate at this stage. From now on, your trips together can last longer than with standard car seats.

  • Ribbed frame – cushions shocks while driving and absorbs energy on impact, protecting your little one.
  • Safe for premature babies – the Lie-Flat system has been tested and patented by Kiddy engineers. 
  • For mobile parents – thanks to the innovative technology, your youngster can use the Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat for longer than car seats without the lie-flat position option.

Broad protection

The durable shell of the car seat ensures maximum safety, absorbing the force of impact. Inside, it features layers of expanded EPO polyolefins and the special Impact Barrier Foam, which absorb energy in the event of a side collision before it reaches your baby's sensitive body parts.

Side protection – the car seat is equipped with additional elements (bumpers) on the sides and handle, which act like a crumple zone in a car, decreasing the distance between the car seat and the car door.

Intuitive installation with the base

  • Kiddy Isofix Base 2 – Evoluna i-Size 2 is installed with a modern base. It's easy to affix in a car using ISOFIX and a support leg. The base is equipped with correct installation indicators.
  • One-click Attachment – the car seat can be quickly and easily affixed to the base with just one click! The risk of securing the car seat incorrectly is minimal. Correct installation is confirmed by an indicator.

Large canopy made of UPF80+ fabric

The car seat has a large, adjustable sun canopy made of UPF80+ sunscreen fabric. Your baby can ride in comfort even on very sunny days. The UPF80+ protection won't allow harmful UV rays through.

Perfectly tailored to your child

  • Safety adjustment system allows you to adapt the height of the safety harness using one hand.
  • Modular insert for newborns – the insert (included) enables you to even better tailor the car seat to your child. 
  • The removable side protection provides additional protection for little passengers.

Perfect for long and short trips

  • Travel System – thanks to the option of using adapters, you can create the practical Travel System and affix the car seat to the frame of pushchairs by Kiddy or dozens of other brands.
  • Alternative to a carrycot – thanks to the option of reclining it to the lie-flat position, the car seat is a great alternative to a carrycot.
  • Infant carrier – the parent handle is profiled and ensures a firm grip. It enables you to easily carry the car seat and use it as an infant carrier.

Highest-class materials

  • Padding – it's made of the highest-quality materials. It ensures proper air flow even on hot days.
  • Easy removal – the two-part cover can easily be removed and put back on. In just a few moves, you can get the padding ready for washing.
  • Machine washing – the padding can be machine washed at 30 degrees on a no-spin cycle.

Why choose Kiddy?

Kiddy car seats have been created based on over 50 years of experience of German engineers in designing innovative, safe solutions for car seats in cooperation with the automotive industry.

Safety confirmed by the highest ratings

Kiddy car seats regularly feature in the highest-rated safety rankings in the world, including ADAC, Stiftung Warentest, TCS and ÖAMTC. When choosing Kiddy, you're choosing technology of the future and the highest safety standards.

Kiddy car seats are covered by the 10-year warranty programme. Every customer has the option of using the programme – you just need to fill in the form after your purchase. We guarantee the safety, durability and functionality of our car seats throughout their period of use.

Safe Car Seat Program – post-accident protection

When buying a Kiddy car seat, you can join a programme that entitles you to a replacement of your product with a new one if the old car seat is involved in a collision or road accident.


Height (with handle):

60 cm (sitting position), 39 cm (lie-flat position)

Width : 44 cm


68 cm (sitting position), 79 cm (lie-flat position)

Isofix Base 2 dimensions

Height: 18 cm, Width : 32 cm, Depth: 42-68 cm

Length of base leg: 35.5-61 cm

Weight: 10.9 kg, Car seat: 4.9 kg

The hood is made of: UPF 80+ fabric

10-year warranty


Age Guide

Age guide
Birth to 15m
Child weight guide
From birth to 15kg
i-Size Max Height
From 45 to 83cm

Car Fitting

Seat belt compatible


Travel system compatible
Car seat facing position
Lie flat
Car seat adjustable height
Headrest adjustment
Newborn insert included

Safety information

Safety features
Side impact protection
European safety standard
i-Size (R129)
Manufacturer's warranty
10 Years on Completion of Paperwork

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