Kinderkraft Everyday + 3 in 1 Travel System with Evoluna i-size Car Seat & Base - Dark Grey

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Discover a special task pram that will impress you with its manoeuvrability and functionality. EVERYDAY is a multifunctional 2-in-1 baby stroller with a large carrycot and soft mattress (the cover is enriched with bamboo viscose fibres, which provide good ventilation and faster wicking away moisture). 

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Discover a special task pram that will impress you with its manoeuvrability and functionality. EVERYDAY is a multifunctional 2-in-1 baby stroller with a large carrycot and soft mattress (the cover is enriched with bamboo viscose fibres, which provide good ventilation and faster wicking away moisture). The pram's deep strolling seat with side covers allows for both forward and reverse mounting, while the TRAVEL SYSTEM, which consists of universal adapters. The pram is also lightweight due to its compact size.

EVERYDAY has a load of up to 27 kg! It's a pram that will serve you for years to come - it's not only robust but also extremely easy to manoeuvre. Thanks to its 360-degree rotatable front wheels with locking function and cushioning, the EVERYDAY is suitable for both short city walks and forest excursions - whatever the weather! This baby pram also has adjustable cushioning in the frame, making every ride extremely comfortable for the little one. A special carrying strap is included for greater comfort of transportation.

The pram comes with a large XL carrycot with a mattress that has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties. The carrycot is also equipped with a sturdy handle for carrying your child. The pram can be unfolded to an angle of over 90 degrees! It is made of waterproof material with UPF50+ filter.

You can fold the carrycot flat, for the purposes of travelling with your little one - it will fit easily into any car. The carrycot will easily fit into your wardrobe when your toddler has grown out of it.

The seat of the stroller is deep and wide and has side covers to protect your baby from cold wind. In combination with the fold-out, enlarged and waterproof UPF50+ box, it also effectively protects against sun and rain, and an additional ventilation panel in the box will provide your child with air on hot days. Adjustable in 4 steps footrests and the possibility of unfolding the backrest flat make the stroller perfect both for walks and outdoor naps. The backrest is easy to adjust with one hand and can be set in 3 positions: sitting, semi-lying and lying.

Thanks to the TRAVEL SYSTEM, it is easy to attach the car seat to the frame of the pram. The adapters included in the kit are universal and fit most car seats*. Your little one fell asleep in your car and you have to go shopping? Just take the seat out of the car and clip it into the frame of the EVERYDAY!

With EVERYDAY baby pram you will find: a cup holder, a mosquito net, rain cover, a sleeping bag for child's feet (for the carrycot and separately for your stroller), sun protection and the mentioned universal adapters*.



The large booth can be enlarged (both in the carrycot and the stroller). It is made of waterproof material with UPF50+ filter - it protects well against any weather. It also has good ventilation (a hidden mesh panel underneath the material), which ensures proper ventilation during hot weather. The stroller booth also has a window for contact with the child and an additional sun canopy.

The pram has a 5-point adjustable seat belt with soft pads and a crotch cover. The covers are easy to remove and can also be washed in the washing machine.

The automatic AUTO LOCK lock prevents the pram from unfolding independently during transport or handling.

The eco-leather finished barrier is rotatable (360 degrees) and can be removed from both sides. In addition to providing safety, it makes it easier to put the child into the pram and take it out of the pram.

The stroller has side covers to protect your child from the wind.

The frame is made of aluminium, which makes the pram extremely robust and durable. The pram is also lightweight for its size.

Large cushioned wheels are made of rubber with a filling of unbreakable foam. They have increased resistance to abrasion and provide good adhesion to the ground.

The STOP & RIDE brake is centrally located on the rear axle. It is operated from above, so it does not damage even lightweight footwear such as sandals or heels.


  • The carrycot has a soft mattress, the cover of which is enriched with bamboo viscose fibres. It provides good ventilation and wicks away moisture faster. The mattress has thermoregulating and antibacterial properties.
  • The pram has a very large XL carrycot, thanks to which even larger children (up to 9 kg) will be able to travel in it comfortably.
  • The backrest of the pram can be folded flat with one hand. It has 3 adjustment steps and when unfolded the length together with the seat reaches 94 cm. In combination with the adjustable footrest (4 positions) it creates a comfortable space for taking a nap in the open air.
  • The seat of the stroller is spacious and deep and, combined with a frame load of up to 27 kg, makes it possible for even larger children (up to 22 kg) to travel freely in the pram.
  • The EVERYDAY pram folds easily into a compact size. You fold the frame with the seat. The pram can be folded with the seat, mounted forwards and backwards. The carrycot can also be folded (folds flat). This makes it easy to transport the pram and store it.
  • When folded, the pram stands on its own - now it will be much easier to store it, even in a small flat.
  • The frame is made of lightweight, durable aluminium. It is now much easier to move the pram and carry it up the stairs. For greater convenience, a special carrying strap is included in the set.
  • The frame has adjustable cushioning. You can adjust the frame to suit the terrain you want to stroll through. Your toddler will be comfortable on both asphalt and bumpy paving.
  • The telescopic parent handle with 3 levels of adjustment allows you to adapt its height better to your parent's height. It is finished with an ecological leather, which is pleasant to the touch.
  • There are two pockets in the carrycot (one outside, zippered, the other inside, in the legs of the child). This makes it easier to store your belongings during walks.
  • At the back of the seat backrest (in the stroller) there is a pocket for parent's accessories. It will fit your keys or wallet.


  • The 2-in-1 EVERYDAY pram will serve you and your baby for years to come - suitable for children from birth until they reach 22 kilograms!
  • The 3-in-1 EVERYDAY can be used in 3 different options: a deep-drawn pram (with carrycot) stroller, and thanks to the TRAVEL SYSTEM (included adapters), travelling by car and daily activities with a toddler up to 13 kg will be extremely easy and enjoyable!
  • The EVERYDAY pram is suitable for any terrain - thanks to its 4 large, cushioned wheels, made of durable rubber with increased abrasion resistance and infiltration of unbreakable foam, EVERYDAY will be ideal for both forest paths and pavements. It will prove itself in everyday life and during family trips.
  • EVERYDAY is easy to keep clean. The mattress cover, gondola cover and stroller cover are machine washable. The mattress cover, carrycot cover and stroller cover can also be washed in the washing machine. The rest need only be wiped with a damp sponge.
  • Are you planning to do more shopping after a walk with your child? Or maybe your little one has lots of toys with them? The pram has a spacious basket with access from all sides - you can easily take out the necessary accessories for your baby. It can weigh up to 5 kilograms, so shopping will not be a problem either.
  • The pram comes with practical accessories that will make your walk more enjoyable in all conditions. In EVERYDAY you will find: a cup holder, a mosquito net, waterproof foil, a sleeping bag for legs (for the carrycot and separately for the pram), a sun protection, universal adapters*.

XL carrycot

  • Ideal for children up to 9 kg, approx. 6 months or until the child can sit down, turn around and lift itself on its hands and knees.
  • A large, deep shed with a pattern printed on the inside which attracts the child's attention.
  • It has a soft mattress with a cover which has been enriched with bamboo viscose fibres. The mattress wicks away moisture well and provides adequate ventilation, as well as has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties.
  • The carrycot can be folded flat for easy transport and storage when your child grows up for a stroll.
  • The XL carrycot booth is large and waterproof - it also has UPF50+ filter. It can be unfolded to over 90 degrees. It has an additional sun canopy, as well as a ventilation panel hidden under the fabric.
  • It features a carrying handle - the child can be carried in the carrycot. The carrycot also includes feet so that it can be placed freely on the ground.
  • It has two pockets: the outer one (zippered) will fit the phone, while the inner one (located in the child's legs) - other parent's or toddler's belongings (e.g. a spare soother).


  • From birth (straps can be adapted for new-borns) up to 22 kg.
  • Waterproof XL box, enlarged to over 90 degrees, with UPF50+ and a ventilation panel hidden underneath the material.
  • The canopy has an additional sun visor and a window for parent-child contact.
  • The backrest has a pocket for small items.
  • The seat can be mounted facing the front and back to the parent.
  • The pram can be folded together with the seat (in both directions).
  • The seat has side covers to protect your child from the wind.
  • The backrest can be adjusted with one hand in the three positions: lying down, semi-lying and sitting.
  • EVERYDAY has one of the longest seats on the market - when unfolded together with the backrest it measures 94 cm, which makes it very comfortable for your child.
  • Adjustable footrest with mesh panel (makes cleaning easier) - 4 levels of regulation.
  • The safety railing rotates 360 degrees and can be removed from both sides. It is lined with pleather.
  • Has 5-point straps with soft pads which can be removed and washed in the washing machine.
  • The cover can be washed in the washing machine.


  • Adjustable cushioning (hard/soft).
  • Maximum load capacity: up to 27 kg (stroller seat: 22 kg, basket: 5 kg)
  • The possibility of folding the frame together with a stroller seat.
  • Easy to fold. It has an AUTO LOCK lock which prevents the pram from unfolding during handling or transport.
  • It stands alone when folded.
  • It has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted in 3 levels. It is finished with eco leather.
  • The whole trolley is easy to transport - the frame has a special strap attached for easy carrying.
  • It has a central STOP & RIDE brake, which can be operated in lightweight shoes (from above).
  • The pram is equipped with a very large basket with access from all sides. It has a load capacity of up to 5 kg.


  • 4-wheel amortisation.
  • Large rear wheels (30 cm) are made of rubber, filled with foam. They are unbreakable and wear-resistant.
  • The front wheels (20 cm) are made of rubber, filled with foam. They are unbreakable, wear-resistant, rotate 360 degrees and can be locked for straight ahead driving.
  • The wheels are durable and provide good grip to the ground - they make driving on many surfaces easy and pleasant, and manoeuvring: simple and trouble-free.
  • The wheels do not need to be pumped - they are maintenance-free.

Car Seat

A car seat for children who are 45-83 cm tall, RWF, compliant with the i-Size standard (UN/ECE R129), with the innovative Lie-Flat system, which enables your baby to adopt the lie-flat position while riding in the car. The car seat has been designed by German engineers – it features precise workmanship, advanced technology and a dedicated systems to ensure your child is completely safe and comfortable when travelling. It's perfect for mobile parents who love taking their baby on trips, and it can also be affixed to the pushchair frame (Travel System).

Its safety and convenience are confirmed by the high ratings issued by independent institutes and numerous international research centres, including ADAC 1.7 (Good), ÖAMTC "Good", and TCS "Highly recommended".


  • A car seat for children 45-83 cm tall, RWF (mounted facing away from the direction of travel)
  • Conforms with the i-Size standard (ECE-R129)
  • High ratings obtained in tests conducted by independent international research centres and institutes (ADAC 1.7 "Good", ÖAMTC "Good", and TCS "Highly recommended")
  • Designed in Germany
  • Installation with Kiddy Isofix Base 2 with support leg (included in the set)
  • Unique Lie-Flat system so your baby can adopt the lie-flat position when riding in the car
  • Durable shell that absorbs energy during impact
  • Reinforcement (bumpers) on the sides and handle of the car seat
  • Thanks to the lie-flat position, it can be an alternative to a carrycot in a pushchair
  • Ribbed frame providing shock absorption and air flow
  • One-Click Attachment system – quick and intuitive affixing of the car seat to the base
  • Option of creating the Travel System with pushchairs by Kiddy and dozens of other brands
  • Three-point safety harness with five height adjustment options
  • Large canopy made of UPF80+ sunscreen fabric
  • Additional modular insert for young children (up to six months)
  • Wide, deep seat and comfortable backrest
  • Removable cover, which can be machine washed (at 30 degrees)

Lie-Flat System – healthier lie-flat position in the car

Lie-flat position in the car – in the Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat, your child can adopt the lie-flat position when travelling! It enables your baby to assume a more ergonomic, healthier position to ensure better oxygenation (their head won't flop onto their chest) and a better – for your child's development – position of the spine and pelvis, which is very delicate at this stage. From now on, your trips together can last longer than with standard car seats.

  • Ribbed frame – cushions shocks while driving and absorbs energy on impact, protecting your little one's delicate spine.
  • Safe for premature babies – the Lie-Flat system has been tested and patented by Kiddy engineers. 
  • For mobile parents – thanks to the innovative technology, your youngster can use the Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat for longer than car seats without the lie-flat position option.

Broad protection

The durable shell of the car seat ensures maximum safety, absorbing the force of impact. Inside, it features layers of expanded EPO polyolefins and the special Impact Barrier Foam, which absorb energy in the event of a side collision before it reaches your baby's sensitive body parts.

Side protection – the car seat is equipped with additional elements (bumpers) on the sides and handle, which act like a crumple zone in a car, decreasing the distance between the car seat and the car door.

Intuitive installation with the base

  • Kiddy Isofix Base 2 – Evoluna i-Size 2 is installed with a modern base. It's easy to affix in a car using ISOFIX and a support leg. The base is equipped with correct installation indicators.
  • One-click Attachment – the car seat can be quickly and easily affixed to the base with just one click! The risk of securing the car seat incorrectly is minimal. Correct installation is confirmed by an indicator.

Large canopy made of UPF80+ fabric

The car seat has a large, adjustable sun canopy made of UPF80+ sunscreen fabric. Your baby can ride in comfort even on very sunny days. The UPF80+ protection won't allow harmful UV rays through.

Perfectly tailored to your child

  • Safety adjustment system (five options) at the back of the car seat allows you to adapt the height of the safety harness using one hand.
  • Modular insert for newborns – the insert for newborns (included) enables you to even better tailor the car seat to your child. The removable side protection provides additional protection for little passengers.

Perfect for long and short trips

  • Travel System – thanks to the option of using adapters, you can create the practical Travel System and affix the car seat to the frame of pushchairs by Kiddy or dozens of other brands.
  • Alternative to a carrycot – thanks to the option of reclining it to the lie-flat position, the car seat is a great alternative to a carrycot.
  • Infant carrier – the parent handle is profiled and ensures a firm grip. It enables you to easily carry the car seat and use it as an infant carrier.

Highest-class materials

  • Padding – it's made of the highest-quality materials. It ensures proper air flow even on hot days.
  • Easy removal – the two-part cover can easily be removed and put back on. In just a few moves, you can get the padding ready for washing.
  • Machine washing – the padding can be machine washed at 30 degrees on a no-spin cycle.

Adapters, included with the EVERYDAY pram, fit into the following car seats:

Kinderkraft MINK; Kiddy: Evoluna i-Size 2 and Evolution Pro 2; Cybex: Aton, Aton 2, Aton 4, Aton 5, Aton Q; Nuna: Pipa; Maxi Cosi: Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30, Citi, Cabrio, CabrioFix, Pebble, Pebble Plus; BeSafe: iZi Go, iZi Go Modular



  • Stroller sheathing: polyester,
  • Carrycot sheathing: polyester
  • Mattress filling material of the carrycot: polyurethane foam
  • Mattress cover material: polyester + bamboo fibres (viscose)
  • Booth material: polyester
  • Frame material: aluminium
  • Front-wheel material: rubber with EVA foam filling
  • Rear-wheel material: rubber with EVA foam filling
  • Parent handle material: eco-leather
  • Safety railing material: eco-leather
  • Other finishing elements (logo, etc.): eco-leather, embroidery, print


Front wheels:

Internal diameter: 11.5 cm

External diameter: 20 cm

Tyre thickness: 4 cm

Rear wheels:

Inner diameter: 18 cm

External diameter: 30 cm

Tyre thickness: 4.5-5 cm

Dimensions of the folded pram:

Height: 36 cm, Width: 60 cm, Length: 80 cm

Basic dimensions of a pram with a seat:

Height: 114 cm (to the top of the canopy), Width: 60 cm, Length: 99 cm

XL carrycot - internal dimensions:

Width: 32 cm, Length: 78 cm, Depth: 17.5 cm

Basic dimensions of the flat folded carrycot:

Height: 18 cm, Width: 42 cm, Length: 83 cm

Dimensions of the pram with a carrycot:

Height: 120 cm (to the top of the booth), Width: 60 cm, Length: 99 cm


frame with stroller: 14.3 kg, 

seat: 4.5 kg, 

frame: 9.8 kg,

frame + stroller: 14.3 kg, 

carrycot: 5.9 kg, 

seat: 3.4 kg


Carrycot, Car seat, Isofix base, Car seat adapters, Raincover, Cup holder, Chassis, Insect net, Hood & Apron Pack,
Pushchair type
Travel system
Number of seats
Seat unit
Parent and world facing
Suitable from
From birth with carrycot or carseat


Adjustable handle
Travel system compatible
Can be turned into a double
Number of Wheels
Puncture Proof PU


Maximum child weight
upto 22kg
Folded weight Kg


Manufacturer's warranty
10 Years on Completion of Paperwork
Is a bundle

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