Munchkin Auto Close Safety Gate


Munchkin Auto Close Safety Gate

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Once baby-proofing is done, parents expect and deserve true peace of mind. But not all safety gates are created equal, and closing the gate behind you shouldn't be yet another worry on your list.

The Auto Close is the ultimate in baby gate technology. Equipped with a unique gravity-fed hinge, the Orto Close does exactly what its name implies: it closes automatically when the handle is released. And because it relies on gravity, the baby gate locks shut from any open position. The baby gate incorporates a 4 point Pressure Fit U shaped power frame providing solid pressure fitting, without the need for drilling and once installed it creates a wide walk through allowing easy in and out access. The clever pressure indicator provides visual assurance that the gate has been, and remains, installed correctly. 

This pressure fit safety gate fits openings of 76 cm to 82 cm. For wider openings, it can be extended to up to 117 cm with the use of separate extensions. It is important that you measure the opening of where you want to install your safety gate correctly. Always measure from the narrowest point, typically skirting to skirting.


Product Type
Safety Gates
Suitable From
From Birth
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year