Munchkin Car Seat Protector


Munchkin Car Seat Protector

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Child safety seats can sometimes slip and slide which doesn't feel all that safe. The Munchkin Car Seat Protector can help keep your backseat neat and baby's seat firmly in place. This textured car seat protector mat offers both a safety solution and upholstery protection in one. Prevent dangerous car seat movement while protecting your backseat from indentations and dirt with this dual-purpose seat protector. Durable, easy-to-clean material protects the backseat from crumbs and spills, while the handy, expandable front pockets hold bottles, toys, snacks and other travel essentials. Your backseat can stay cleaner longer, and your little one can stay safe in their seat.


Product Type
Car Travel Accessories
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year