Phil & Teds voyager™ 2020 Buggy with Seat Liner

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voyager™ can easily take you and your newborn from day dot, making it a fantastic, safe investment that’ll last, ‘cos as your family grows, voyager™ can adapt to take 2 (or 3!) - all within the footprint size of a single buggy!     

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voyager™ can easily take you and your newborn from day dot, making it a fantastic, safe investment that’ll last, ‘cos as your family grows, voyager™ can adapt to take 2 (or 3!) - all within the footprint size of a single buggy!     

This fancy, modular 4-wheeler is gonna take you across the all urban lifestyle no problem, with a lil bit of all terrain adventure!, The manoeuvrability and handling is a breeze with the added suspension the aeromaxx tyres offers, with no fear of punctures! The stylishly moulded modular seat sits on an independent frame design, giving you instant options to forward & rear face your kid, by simply switching the seat around! 

Masterfully engineered, the seat sits at the perfect height of the frame to make kerb poppin’ so easy - you do realise how often you’ll be needing to kerb pop right?!!  Choosing the right buggy needn’t be complicated, and let’s be honest, it’s a fair hit to the wallet. So make your lives a heck of a lot easier and stress-free, with the only buggy purchase you’ll ever need to make with voyager™ - the only true inline® that gives you loads of modes that’ll work for you! 

we are the OG of inline®! 

The true innovators of the original inline®! We are the designers who have brought out the ONLY 3-wheeler in the market that can take 1 or 2 kids; all within the same footprint as a single buggy! And we’ve taken the best learnings outta this, to bring it as a 4-wheel, modular buggy!    

patented innovation  A patented tail free harness has been cleverly designed to keep long, fussy, loose straps out of little hands and mouths for superior safety and hygiene    

twinning!  Congratulations on expecting twins! Now you need to make decisions where it doesn’t cripple your wallet! Relaaaaax… ‘cos with voyager™, we got ya sorted from day dot. 'Cos our seat comes with a wedgie cushion to take new-borns, all you need is the additional double kit™ that also comes with a wedgie, and voila - 2 new-born ready lil beds! voyager™ can also take 2 snug™ carrycots or infant car seats as options! #winningontwinning    

double kit™ is where the magic begins!  Even without twins, as a parent with 1 kid and now expecting #2, purchasing the double kit™ allows you to save money ‘cos you don’t need to fork out for another buggy; you just pop the double kit™ to your buggy and voila - you’ve just future proofed your investment! The double kit™ also comes with the wedgie cushion included for your little new-born, & we’re not even gonna tell you where to put your seats, ‘cos the uniqueness of voyager™ is that you can have them wherever you want on the frame - with 1 or 2 kids in tow! So have fun, and let your kids have a say in how they wanna be rolling in their ride!    

didn’t you know all the cool kids sit in the back?!!  ‘Cos we’re parents too, we understand that engineering and weight distribution is important! So know that anywhere your seats sit will change up the handling of voyager™. Here’s a top tip - popping the double kit™ behind the main seat is gonna give you the optimal performance when moving with 2 inline® - a riding option that no other brand offers in a modular platform! But hey, this is your journey, so make it your own!    

want some more ways to adapt & survive with voyager™?  It’s not just about pushing your kids around - what about the picnic food or shopping?! We get it - that once you become a parent, you lose all forms of organisation and storage! With these handy dandy and such unique accessories, you can adapt voyager™ to take all your necessities too; from keeping them warm or cold, accessible or just giving you plenty more space for your shopping! 



new-born - 5 years*  *age reference as a guide only    

PRODUCT WEIGHT  15kg / 33lbs*  *includes frame, wheels, gear tray, fabric sling seat, grab bar    

SEAT LOAD  20kg / 44lbs    

DIMENSIONS (H x W x L)  108 x 59 x 84cm / 43 x 23 x 33”    

FOLDED DIMENSIONS (H x W x L) (seat off)  35 x 59 x 86cm / 14 x 23 x 34”    

SEAT DIMENSIONS (H x W x D) (measured without the liner)  52 x 27 x 20cm / 20 x 11 x 8”    

HANDLEBAR HEIGHT RANGE  88 - 114cm / 35 – 45"    

GEAR TRAY CAPACITY  10kg / 22lbs    



Stroller, Seat liner,
Pushchair type
Number of seats
Seat unit
World facing only
Suitable from
From birth to 20 kg


Adjustable handle
Travel system compatible
Can be turned into a double
Number of Wheels
Foam filled


Maximum child weight
Upto 20kg
Folded weight Kg


Size folded (CM)
35 x 59 x 86cm
Size unfolded (CM)
108 x 59 x 84cm


Manufacturer's warranty
1 year

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