Helping your baby to sit up

Helping your baby to sit up

Every new milestone your baby reaches is exciting for both of you, and undoubtedly something to feel proud about. From first smiles through to first words, your baby’s milestones are a delight to behold and his first year is likely to be packed full of different new achievements.

What age can babies sit up?

Like with many milestones in the world of babies, the age your little one does something first is likely to be different from the next baby. Babies can start sitting as early as 5 months right up to 9 months, it really depends on what takes their interest the most!

Before your baby can start sitting with support, he needs to be able to hold his head up steadily by himself. This can happen between 2 and 4 months, with your baby’s ability to fully support his own head strengthening each day.

As a loose guide: 

  • Between 4-6 months, babies can often sit with some support.
  • At around 9 months, many babies can sit independently without help, although they often need a little support getting in and out of their sitting.
  • By around 12 months, babies can often get themselves in and out of a sitting position easily.

How to help your baby sit up

Before your baby can sit up they will still appreciate a view change, and enjoy being in different positions. As you’ll have no doubt found, even young babies get bored and don’t want to be stuck lying down for too long. 

When you help your baby into a sitting position, it lets them safely practice sitting, supports them to develop different muscles and provides them with a different view to enjoy. It can also be nice for when you’re taking photos of them, and can safely encourage their continued growth and development. 

You can support your baby to sit by giving him regular short bursts of tummy time, if he enjoys it, which helps to strengthen his neck muscles. You can also prop him up on your lap, or use cushions to support him on a chair, although ensure he is always supervised.

Young babies can get tired very easily so just watch his cues and don’t keep him sat up for too long at any one time.

Other ways to help your baby sit up

There are also a range of support accessories your baby might enjoy, such as a Sit Me Up, which helps safely support your little one in a sitting position.  

When they’re younger, although they may not be able to sit by themselves, being in a baby bouncer or suitable swing can also give them an alternative view and position, particularly when you need some hands-free time. 

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