Bugaboo buying guide

Bugaboo buying guide

As a brand, Bugaboo is well known for designs that make navigating life with little ones a breeze for parents. They are one of the most established and well-respected baby brands in the UK and beyond, and their range of prams and pushchairs are at the top of many a parent-to-be wish list.

Bugaboo offer a choice of different pushchair models: The Bugaboo Donkey, the Bugaboo Fox, the Bugaboo Bee and the Bugaboo Cameleon. In this guide to all things Bugaboo, we explain the different features of each pram and how they best suit different lifestyles.

Overview of Bugaboo pushchairs

While each Bugaboo pushchair has different functions and features, the build and design of every model have a few things in common.

All Bugaboo’s:

  • Are travel system ready, meaning you can use them with your compatible Group 0 car seat, as well as in carrycot or pushchair mode.
  • Can be customised in terms of frame and fabric colours. This means you can design your own finish for a pram that fits your style and taste.
  • Are built to be durable. Bugaboo encourages you to pass on your pushchair once your little one has outgrown it because they’re confident their prams are engineered to last.
  • Have a lightweight design for easy lifting in and out of car boots or carrying up or down flights of stairs.
  • Are designed with good suspension to give your baby a smooth ride even when travelling over bumps or navigating curbs.
  • Are compatible with Group 0 car seats Cybex, MaxiCosi and the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna.
  • Have an eye-catching design. A Bugaboo pushchair has its own unique look and won’t be easily confused with other pushchair brands. A Bugaboo is defined by its looks as well as its build.
  • Can fit a separately sold Bugaboo ride-on board for transporting your toddler. 
  • Include a useful 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does a Bugaboo cost?

The price of a Bugaboo pushchair depends on the model you choose as well as other factors such as whether you need additional purchases like a double converter kit. 

A Bugaboo Bee5 without carrycot can be purchased from £549, whereas the cost of a Twin Donkey3 pushchair with carrycots can be around £1,450. Many accessories are included within the price of your Bugaboo, but car seat adaptors are usually sold separately. 

Which Bugaboo is right for me?

When shopping for your pram or pushchair, think about where you’ll use it most and the type of journeys you tend to make regularly. For example, if you live in London, use the underground regularly and rarely walk in the countryside, the Bugaboo Bee5 is going to be a better buy for you than the Bugaboo Fox2.

It’s also worth factoring in any plans for extending your family. While you can’t predict the future, if you’re planning to add another bambino into the mix within a couple of years, the Bugaboo Donkey3 offers the perfect solution because it can be easily converted from a single pushchair to a double further down the line.

Here’s an essential overview of the Bugaboo range with all the need-to-know info to help you hone your search.

Bugaboo Donkey3

Most suits: Parents of twins, parents planning to grow their family, parents looking for great storage with their pushchair.

Bugaboo Donkey3 notable features:

  • Available as Mono (single pushchair with side basket), Duo (double pushchair for a baby and toddler) and Twin (with two of everything including carrycots for transporting your twins from birth).
  • Side-by-side seating for Duo and Twin, meaning your children are on the same level, unlike many double buggies where one child has to sit underneath the other one. 
  • Versatile seat options so your little ones can face you, face the world or face each other. 
  • Impressive 10kg under-seat storage basket and additional 10kg side storage basket in Mono mode.
  • The Mono can be easily converted to a Duo at a later date by purchasing the Bugaboo Donkey extension kit.
  • The frame of the Donkey3 Duo and Twin is still slim enough to fit through most standard doorways. 
  • Easily converts between different modes with just a few clicks, making switching from Duo to Mono quick and simple when heading out with just one child. 
  • Suits different terrains thanks to large, foam-fitted tyres.

Read the full Bugaboo Donkey3 description here.

Bugaboo Bee5

Most suits: City life, public transport, parents seeking a lightweight pushchair for easily navigating streets and shops.

Bugaboo Bee5 notable features:

  • Extremely lightweight at just 9.6kg, making carrying it up or down steps and stairs easier.
  • Narrow frame for fitting in shops and cafés. 
  • Perfect for navigating public transport thanks to easy steering and manoeuvring, with a narrow frame for fitting onto buses and trains.
  • Can be folded quickly with one hand.
  • Compact for storing in small spaces.

Read the full Bugaboo Bee5 description here.

Bugaboo Fox2

Most suits: Parents seeking an all-terrain pushchair that still suits city life.

Bugaboo Fox2 notable features:

  • Power steering for an effortless drive and easy turning.
  • Central joint suspension and front wheel suspension for multiple terrains.
  • 2 wheel beach mode for navigating through sand.
  • Extendable sun canopy with peek-a-boo panel to easily check on your baby.
  • Despite being all-terrain, the Fox2 is still lightweight at 10.2kg.
  • Ergonomic and padded seat for keeping your baby comfortable and secure on bumpy terrains.

Read the full Bugaboo Fox2 description here.

Bugaboo Cameleon3 

Most suits: Parents who want versatility and to be able to switch between different terrains.

Bugaboo Cameleon3 notable features:

  • Multiple wheel modes, with small swivel front wheels for smooth turning in the city, with the option to quickly switch to big forward wheels for rougher terrains and a two-wheel position for sand and snow.
  • Just 59cm wide and 9.6kg in weight, making it lightweight and compact.
  • Handlebar flip option to allow your baby to be easily positioned right next to your table in a café or restaurant. 
  • The first and original iconic Bugaboo pushchair.

Read the full Bugaboo Cameleon3 description here.

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