Guide to Ickle Bubba travel systems: V3, V4 and Moon

Guide to Ickle Bubba travel systems: V3, V4 and Moon

Ickle Bubba are a British pushchair brand who have taken the UK by storm since their inception in 2013. They have been shortlisted for and won numerous awards and regularly receive 5 star reviews for their products from parenting sites.

Ickle Bubba offer travel systems, strollers and nursery furniture, and they pride themselves on combining style with affordability. If you’re looking for a travel system that feels high-end but without the eye-watering price tag, the Ickle Bubba range is well worth considering.  

Ickle Bubba warranty

As well as great value prices on their prams and pushchairs, the Ickle Bubba brand also offer a really generous warranty. They provide a 4 year warranty for their travel systems and strollers, giving you extra peace of mind should something go wrong. This is over and above the warranty length many pram manufacturers offer, giving Ickle Bubba another good, positive tick!

Ickle Bubba 3 in 1 travel systems

3 in 1 travel systems are where Ickle Bubba really shine. Their great product design means you can enjoy a sleek, smart pram packed with convenient features, without breaking the bank. It’s all about value and quality with Ickle Bubba travel systems, and because many are available as a package with a car seat, you can save even more. 

Ickle Bubba pram and car seat packages 

If you  haven’t already bought your car seat, it’s worth thinking about packages and bundles, as these can save you both hassle and expense. Our packages show you the monetary savings you will make from buying items together, and also offer different options depending on your needs. For example, pram bundles with or without certain accessories or with options for standard or i-Size car seats.

You can still have the same choice of colours with packages, simply selecting the one that best suits your needs -- once you work out what these are of course!

To help narrow your search, you can ask yourself:

  • Do I want a travel system?
  • What colours do I prefer?
  • Am I still to buy my car seat and base? Or do I need two bases? (If you expect to use two cars regularly this may be worth considering.)
  • Is my car boot a suitable size for the pushchair and frame?
  • What’s my total budget for my pram, car seat, base and accessories? 
  • What accessories do I need: think about changing bag, car seat adaptors, rain cover, footmuff and sun visors.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on the finish and particular features you’d like from your travel system. With the Ickle Bubba range, you’ll have a few different pram options to choose from, we look at what they each offer below.

Ickle Bubba Moon

The Moon is a 4-wheel travel system that weighs just 6kg when folded, making it lightweight and easy to carry and store. It offers amazing value for money, with an Ickle Bubba Group 0+ car seat and Isofix base included in the price, as well as a carrycot, pushchair and accessories including car seat adaptors, rain cover and footmuff.

Colours of the Ickle Bubba Moon are classic, with a choice of Black, Silver Grey and Space Grey. It is suitable from birth to a weight of 15kg, which is about aged 3,

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Ickle Bubba Stomp V3

The Stomp V3 comes with everything you could possibly need to hit the road with your baby, right down to handy sun visors for your car windows. 
The Ickle Bubba V3 is stylish as well as practical, with a leatherette bumper bar and handle, a double layered hood and a large shopping basket for stashing your essentials. 
Your baby can use the carrycot from birth and the pushchair from 6 months until around 3 years, or when they reach a weight of 15kg. 

There are two packages available with the V3. One bundle includes the Ickle Bubba Mercury Group 0+ i-Size car seat and the other includes Galaxy Group 0+ car seat, which is not i-Size. Both come with an Isofix car seat base for ultimate safety, plus a rain cover, seat liner, footmuff, sun visors, changing bag and mat, in addition to the pushchair and pram carrycot.  This means, with either package bundle, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free purchase that offers great value. 

With the Ickle Bubba V3 Mercury i-Size package, you can choose a black or silver pram chassis/frame, complemented by your chosen fabric colours of Black, Silver or Graphite.

The Ickle Bubba V3 Galaxy package is available with a black chassis and a choice of fabrics in colours Sand, Silver, Graphite and Black.

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Ickle Bubba V4

The Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 has enjoyed a visual upgrade from the V3, and is the only Ickle Bubba travel system to be available in a beautiful Bronze chassis. Thanks to this and the smart selection of fabric colours, your travel system will really stand out from the crowd.

You can still choose the Stomp V4 in Ickle Bubba’s Chrome chassis if you prefer, with packages available for both frames. 

With the Chrome chassis package, you can choose between Woodland, Blueberry and Midnight fabric colours. Whereas the Bronze chassis package is complemented with either the Woodland or Midnight fabrics.  

Similarly to the V3, you can choose between the Galaxy Group 0+ car seat and the Mercury Group 0+ car seat, which is i-Size. Both packages include an Isofix base. 

The V4 can be used from birth with the carrycot, up until they reach a weight of 15kg or around 3 years old.

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What’s the difference between the Ickle Bubba V3 and V4?

The main difference between the V3 and V4 is the finish. While both offer a sleek and stylish design, the newer V4 has a special edition currently available, with new frame and fabric colours to suit your different tastes. The Ickle Bubba V3 and V4 both have:

  • A multiple recline feature in pushchair mode
  • Quick and simple folding
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Built-in suspension
  • Easy to action foot brake
  • Large storage basket

WIth the Ickle Bubba range, you’re sure to find quality, style and value for money, whichever package you decide on.

If you’d like any help or advice on the Ickle Bubba range or in choosing a travel system, car seat or pushchair for your baby, you can get unpressured, expert advice from our team. You can contact us here, by calling  01159 305772 or by visiting us in store. We look forward to helping you with this very special purchase.