Lascal Buggy Board | Everything you need to know

Lascal Buggy Board | Everything you need to know

The Lascal BuggyBoard is a game changer for parents of two or more who need an easy and cost effective way to get around with a baby and toddler. Their buggy board is made to be universal, fitting almost every pram and pushchair on the market. And, as pioneers in buggy board design, Lascal promises a safe and secure ride for little ones to rest their legs.

In this guide, we cover all the need-to-knows about the Lascal BuggyBoard and answer your commonly asked questions, so you can decide if it’s the best buggy board to suit your needs.

How does the Lascal BuggyBoard work?

The idea of using a buggy board with your pram is that you can let your older child stand on it to give their little legs a rest without having to fork out for a double buggy. The beauty of the Lascal board is that when you’re just out with your baby or when your toddler is happily walking, you can tuck it out of the way with the handy strap. Then when you need it, it unclips in a millisecond and your child can hop aboard!

Which prams does the Lascal BuggyBoard fit?

While some buggy boards are developed solely for specific pushchair brands, Lascal have designed their board with adaptable features that make it universal. Their buggy boards fit prams and pushchairs including iCandy, Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Babystyle, Silver Cross, Ickle Bubba and so many more. 

Before you buy, you can pop your pram details in here and check its compatibility with Lascal.

Lascal Maxi and Mini -- what’s the difference?

While the weight limit is the same for the Maxi and Mini buggy boards, the mini version suits lighter weight pushchairs, such as strollers, better. It’s slimmer than the maxi version, with all round smaller dimensions. 

Parents usually opt for the Maxi if they have a larger pram or a double buggy, and the Mini for a smaller stroller. We think the Maxi is easier to navigate over bumps and up and down kerbs, giving a slightly more stable ride, although both are secure for your tot to ride on.  

When your child rides on the buggy board, they’re actually positioned between your arms as you push the pram, making it extra safe. They can also hold onto the pushchair handle bar too.

Many prams fit both the Mini and Maxi BuggyBoard, but again, you can double-check with Lascal on the compatibility of both the maxi and mini versions.

How easy is navigating a pushchair with a buggy board?

Once you get used to altering your stride slightly to accommodate the small space the buggy board takes up, we think it’s very easy and comfortable to use. There’s naturally an extra pull from the weight of an additional child -- especially when walking uphill! -- but that would apply with a double pushchair as well. We think the Lascal BuggyBoard is a really easy and convenient solution for journeying with two, especially when your little one wants to walk sometimes but needs a rest at others. 

How easy is the Lascal BuggyBoard to fit?

Everything you need for fitting the board to your pram comes with your purchase, and it’s simple and straightforward to do, usually within about half an hour or less. The instructions are easy to follow and there are lots of videos on YouTube if you need an extra visual aid. 

You shouldn’t need any additional tools to attach your buggy board, and Lascal provide arm extenders to suit different pram and pushchair types and sizes. Once it’s attached, you can trim the straps on your pushchair, although this will mean you can’t use it somewhere else, for example if you wanted to switch it to a lightweight stroller in the future. Leaving your straps untrimmed gives you the option to remove it and use it on a different pushchair.

What age is the Lascal BuggyBoard suitable for and what weight does it hold?

Lascal recommends their buggy board for ages 2-6, with a maximum weight of 22lb or 48lb. This is the same whether you’re using the Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard or Mini BuggyBoard. Usually, by around aged 4 to 4 ½, your little one will be (mostly) happy to walk without assistance, so you shouldn’t need to worry about needing the buggy board after they’ve exceeded the weight limit.

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