Pram accessories | Essential guide

Your baby’s pram is undoubtedly one of the most important and exciting purchases you’ll make when pregnant -- or possibly ever! Getting this right will be a main priority but once you have it’s also worth thinking about what pram accessories you need to make trips out and about with your little one as easy and comfortable as possible.

In this guide, we run through the best pram accessories to keep your baby comfortable on journeys, and make every trip out as smooth as possible for you too!

Essential pram accessories

Pushchair footmuff

Footmuffs help keep your baby warm in his pram, as you have to remember he will feel the cold more than you as he isn’t walking around. Footmuffs are a much better solution than a blanket because they fit to your pram straps so they don't fall off (or get thrown off!) and end up in a puddle or with muddy pram tyre marks all over them. If you buy your pram as a bundle, the matching footmuff for your pram will often be included, which can save you hassle finding the right one as well as money, as pram accessories including footmuffs are often packaged into the bundle at no extra cost.  

Most people opt for a footmuff to match their pushchair, so the fit and style is correct, with many brands offering a perfect match to your chosen fabric colour too.

Special footmuffs are also available for car seats, which can easily be unzipped from your baby to prevent them overheating.  

Changing bag

It’s an in-joke for all new parents that once you have a baby it’s impossible to travel light. This is true even for a trip to the shop, as you’ll need nappies, wipes, changing bags, bibs, an outfit change, muslins, hat, blanket, coat/cardigan, teething gel, dummy, toy… the list goes on. 

The easiest way to transport your stuff for a day out is in a baby changing bag, as although you can choose to use a normal bag, changing bags easily fit on your pram, whereas the straps of a standard bag are less likely to. Changing bags also have handy sections for storing different items, making them easy to find when you need them quickly.

There are a huge range of changing bags to choose from, including ones to match your pram. Some come as part of a bundle purchase or you can choose to buy a different style of changing bag instead -- the choice is yours!

Pram parasol

Attach a parasol to your pram or pushchair and give your baby instant shade from the sun to keep him cool and comfortable. Parasols are a great accessory because they easily clip on and off, are slender to store and can be switched to the other side of the pram depending on where the sun is shining. 

You’ll find parasols are usually available for your pram type in a range of colours, and some are included in pram bundle purchases.

Pram toys

Pram toys are an inexpensive accessory that can seriously save your bacon when you’re out and about and your baby is awake and bored. They conveniently hook to pram hoods, pushchair bumper bars and the chassis to be in easy reach of your baby when he needs them. 

They include things to grab, picture books, rattles and teethers, to help occupy your baby when you’re out and about together.

Seat liner

Some seat liners are included in your pushchair purchase, especially when you buy a bundle. If they aren’t though, they are worth considering as they help keep your baby warm in winter and cool in his pram in summer. They can also be easily removed for wiping down if your baby spills a drink or snack, is sick or there’s a nappy leaking disaster. Most if not all of these things are likely to happen in your pushchair at some point!

Cup holder

This accessory is all about mum or dad, giving you a handy spot to store your bottle of water or coffee as you stroll out with your baby. Check your cup holder fits your chosen pram (it’s best to go with the brand’s own), and as before, it’s worth checking if it’s included in a bundle purchase if you’ve yet to buy your chosen pram.  

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