Pushchair travel system guide

What is a 3 in 1 travel system?

Choosing a pram or pushchair is one of the many treasured pregnancy milestones you’ll experience and shopping for it is lots of fun. Once your baby arrives, your pram will be a daily companion and so you naturally want to make sure you choose the best travel system for you and your baby.

What is a 3 in 1 travel system?

3 in 1 travel systems are a popular choice for lots of soon-to-be parents because they make transporting your baby a doddle. Travel systems are made up of one pram and pushchair chassis (or frame), together with a carrycot (where your newborn baby can lie flat), a pushchair (to use as your baby grows including the toddler years) and a Group 0 car seat which can attach directly to the chassis.

Pushchair travel systems are a perfect baby transport solution as if you’re driving somewhere and your baby nods off in the car seat, you can move him still sleeping from the car to the travel system without waking him. This comes in very handy if you need to quickly nip to the shops and don’t want to disturb little one when they nods off on the way. 

Many travel systems require clip-in adaptors to switch between car seat mode and carrycot or pushchair mode. These will either be sold as part of your purchase or as a separate accessory.

Choosing the best travel system for your baby

Finding the best travel system for you depends on a number of factors. For example, some pushchair travel systems can be converted to a double for a second baby further down the line. Some pram and pushchair combinations are best suited for off-road terrains, and other options include slimmer frames, making them ideal for regular travel on buses or trains.

Questions to ask when shopping for your travel system:

  • Is it easy to fold down?
  • Will the pushchair or carrycot fit in my car boot?
  • Does it suit my lifestyle? Whether that’s using public transport or running off-road.
  • Which car seats are compatible with this travel system?
  • Do I need separate car seat or carrycot adaptors?
  • Does this travel system fit within my budget?
  • Do I need an adjustable handlebar?
  • Which accessories are included with my travel system?
  • What age can my baby use this travel system in pushchair mode from?

Pram and pushchair travel system bundles

Many travel systems are now available to buy as bundles. This means most of the essential items you need to buy for your baby are included, which can save you money. Bundles can range from including footmuffs and changing bags right through to the Group 0 car seat and car seat base. 

Do I definitely need a travel system?

While pushchair travel systems are certainly popular, they’re not a necessity for all parents. If you don’t have a car or don’t plan to drive much with your baby, you may just need a pram or pushchair. Many pram and pushchair combos are designed with the option of being converted into a travel system, though, so the choice might be there even if you don’t use it often.

Shopping for your travel system

Shopping for your pushchair travel system should be fun, so enjoy browsing different types and thinking about what you need. When you’re doing your online homework you’ll also be able to see the different colour and frame options some travel systems offer and compare prices from different retailers. You can buy your travel system online -- and many websites offer favourable deals -- but it’s worth having a look in-store as well to get a feel for how it operates and to have a play around with it. After all, that’s part of the fun!

At Little Angels Prams we offer unpressured, expert advice online, in our stores or over the telephone. Just contact us here or on 01159 305772 with any pram, pushchair or travel system questions and we’ll be happy to help.