What is Joie Cycle

What is Joie Cycle

bottles made beautiful

Creating safe baby gear should include both products that protect children and processes that preserve the environment. While responsible methods have always been central to our manufacturing, we want to do more to mitigate waste.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce Joie’s new Cycle collection – a line of products featuring fabrics made from recycled water bottles. Besides reducing plastic waste, these upcycled fabrics use fewer resources during production than virgin materials do - without compromising quality.

We’re not the only ones who care about sustainable manufacturing – studies show that 83% of consumers consider environmentally friendly design “extremely

important,” and conversations over the current plastic crisis have doubled in recent years.

upcycle and conserve

With upcycled fabrics that combat waste and conserve energy, Joie’s Cycle collection presents an exciting storytelling opportunity for consumers: This recycled line is designed with their child’s safety and their world in mind.

the plastic problem

With 8.8 million tons of plastic trash flowing into the ocean each year, we can’t waste the opportunity to protect your child’s world while we protect their safety.

So in an effort to battle pollution and conserve resources, we’re turning trash to threads with the Joie Cycle collection. Featuring fabrics made from upcycled bottles, our environmentally friendly Cycle line weaves eco-consciousness into everyday life with baby.

why plastic bottles?

Did you know that a garbage truck’s worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute? If it continues at this rate, scientists estimate that there will be more trash than fish in the sea by 2050! While this is alarming, there is some good news: The very same plastic waste that pollutes our ecosystems can be repurposed to protect our planet!

Let’s talk trash

Our new Cycle collection features recycled fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles. These recycled fabrics not only reduce waste, but also give new life to pre-existing material through a process that uses less valuable energy and resources than it would take to create brand new fabrics.

11.2 billion pounds of plastic in the ocean

2.5 million bottles disposed each hour in America alone

up to 94 plastic bottles upcycled in each Cycle collection product

How do we turn dirty old water bottles into fabric that’s safe for your baby?

When you think of fabrics for babies, you probably picture soft and gentle knits – not trash that’s been floating in the ocean. And yet recycled polyester (ours is called bottletec™) is just as soft and safe for skin as virgin polyester, while requiring far fewer resources to produce and giving new life to plastic waste. ( Talk about a win-win! )

1.      waste bottles are gathered

2.      turned into tiny chips

3.      melted and spun to thread

4.      woven into fabrics

Our recycled fabrics start with post consumer plastic bottles, which are shredded into flakes, melted into pellets and then spun into super soft thread (It may start as plastic, but there’s nothing sti_ or uncomfortable about it!) This thread is then knitted into high-quality, durable fabric that’s comfortable and safe for your baby.

Which part of the product is actually made from recycled bottles?

The soft goods (canopies, seat covers, etc.) within our Cycle collection are made from recycled fabrics – with up to 33 bottles used in a single car seat cover and up to 94 bottles used in a single stroller. Rigorous testing has proven that this upcycled material is just as soft and safe for your child as virgin polyester.

Reduced impact without compromise

However, we are not implementing recycled metals or plastics into our products’ actual frameworks at this point because we just can’t be certain that these materials will sufficiently protect your child. While we want to reduce our impact, we can’t compromise the structural integrity of our products or risk your child’s safety.

High quality means less waste

In a world of “fast fashion” where so many manufactured goods are essentially

disposable, we think that one of the best ways to protect our environment is to craft high quality products that will serve families for many years. By using the best materials – from upcycled fabrics to ultra-strength steel and top of the line aluminium – we can cut down on waste and create a product that will withstand the test of time (and busy toddlers!)

Think big picture. Make small steps.

We’ll be the first to admit that we can’t rid the ocean of plastics one stroller at a time, but we’re eager to do our part in cleaning up our children’s world. While energy conservation and pollution control have always been central to our manufacturing process, we’re excited to introduce recycled fabrics through our Cycle collection and have big hopes to do much more in the future.

Baby steps to a better world

1.      Reduce waste by crafting high quality products that won’t need to be replaced.

2.      Address already existing problems by upcycling bottles.

3.      Proactively protect our environment during the manufacturing process..

4.      Work towards greater change in the future, through giving and green solutions. Stay tuned!

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