Venicci 3 Piece Furniture Set - Forenzo

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Venicci 3 Piece Furniture Set

A modern, yet simple collection in a hybrid Scandinavian style. Designed not only for babies, but for parents as well. Focused on ergonomic design, supporting the healthy development of the toddler, thanks to the solutions used. Its minimalism is conducive to allergy sufferers - the lack of unnecessary shelves reduces the deposition of dust, and thanks to the lifting obtained by the legs, you can easily clean hard-to-reach places. 

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Venicci 3 Piece Furniture Set

We are one of the few companies, when designing furniture, who take care of parents and not just babies.

We focused on thoughtful, ergonomic solutions, which relieve parents from things like persistent bending down. However, this is just the beginning, because we have also taken care of other aspects which will help parents feel safe and calm - our furniture is an enduring purchase, that will serve the family for years, and throughout the proper development of the child.

General description

When we started working on the furniture, we thought a lot about parents - what would make their experience easier and  more serene. We then went one step further, and highlighted the comfort that our children's furniture can provide in so many ways.

After all, if we feel comfortable, then we feel safe as well. That is why our furniture has been designed to be ergonomic - for parents and children. They also serve for years because they grow with the child. They support the proper development of toddlers, because the highest-quality materials used in their production meet the strictest standards. None of the materials used cause allergies, even after extending contact with the skin - we know well that during teething your furniture must be ready for anything.

The culmination is beautiful, modern design, which even has little allergy sufferers in mind! Simple, elegant forms and minimalism facilitate easy cleaning and reduce the accumulation of dust in unnecessary nooks and crannies. The designs are universal, perfect for both girls and boys. All this means that we have created furniture ready for all the challenges faced by parents and young explorers.

Advantages of Venicci furniture

  • Designed based on a range of parents' needs
  • Ergonomic, e.g. three Cot bed base heights and the height at which the changing table is located, are conducive to a healthy parent's spine
  • They grow with the child
  • They support the proper development of toddlers, because the materials used for their production meet strict standards
  • The paints and other elements used are non-allergenic
  • Well thought-out ventilation in each crib
  • Designed with simple forms helping easy cleaning
  • Simple form that reduces dust deposition
  • The universality of the design - both for a boy and for a girl
  • We design for small and large spaces
  • Highly commended for design and longevity at the Harrogate fair
  • Providing the recipient with a number of arrangement options due to high versatility
  • The highest quality of workmanship - including fittings, will serve for years

Collection description
The beautiful Forenzo collection is a reaction to parents’ needs and their little ones too. The furniture set is characterized by an attractive reproduction of the structures and colors of wood, thanks to which it brings peace and a cozy atmosphere to the room. We also focused on simple forms that allow you to arrange an atmospheric space for both a boy and a girl. Thanks to the changing table on the dresser and the three-stage adjustment of the crib, the furniture allows us to take care of the healthy backbones of proud parents.

Maximum use of space
The Venicci team consists not only of designers, but also parents, so we know how important it is to use the space optimally. In this collection, the cot bed has an additional drawer, thanks to which we gain extra space for storing things.
Durable and uniform finish imitating the structure of the wood
We have created furniture that grows with the child, but in order to serve for many years, we have devoted a lot of attention to durability. High-quality materials used in the production, guarantee the stability and smooth operation of doors and drawers.

Baby's comfort is assured
Sleeping is the basis for your baby's healthy development. That is why our furniture complies with the highest standards. The materials used in production do not cause allergies and are easy to clean, making them a good choice in the rooms of small allergy sufferers.

Nordic White Oak Colour description
The lighter shade combined with the subtle wood structure fits very well with the children's room arrangements. It illuminates the room and warms it too.

Forenzo Truffle Oak Colour description
Distinctive shade combined with the structure of the wood. It fits perfectly not only with darker arrangements, but also with lighter ones.

Forenzo Honey Oak Colour description

It perfectly reflects the structure of the wood with warming delicate accents of yellow and orange tones. Together with clearly visible wooden rings, the furniture will perfectly match contemporary spaces.   

Venicci Cot Bed Crib

When the baby's crib is too small for him, you can easily turn it into a great-looking toddler bed. What's more, the roomy drawer provides additional storage space. The ability to vary the height of the base on three levels is a smart way to adjust it to suit your child's needs. It is also a useful solution for maintaining a healthy spine and not putting strain on it when bending down to your baby.

Venicci Chest of drawers

The Forenzo chest of drawers has a removable changing table, which is an essential equipment for new parents. Ergonomics was also considered here - placing the changing table in this place is the optimal height for parents. What is more important, it is removable. The drawers are deep and wide and slide quietly and easily on metal guides.

Venicci Wardrobe

A well-thought-out design perfect for clothes and accessories for babies and older children. Inside you will find two shelves and two hanging rails that will allow you to optimally arrange the space. The wardrobe is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and moisture. The handles and legs are kept in the same colors, thanks to which we have obtained an attractive, mono-colored set.

Advantages of each individual element of the collection 

Cot Bed

  • Adjustable base height  3 different height settings to match each stage of baby’s development 
  • Grows with the child It can be converted into a toddler bed which can used up to 4 years of age
  • Highest quality workmanship Fittings and boards used are durable and can serve for years
  • Additional protection against mechanical damage Our furniture is ready for all kind of challenges 
  • Additional drawer Gain extra room for storage


  • Comfortable, removable changing table Perfect place to change your baby
  • No small parts Your curious baby will not have any small parts at hand
  • Deep, capacious drawers Perfect to fit all baby clothes and accessories 
  • Reinforced protection against UV radiations Furniture will look great for a long time


  • Two shelves and two metal bars inside Guarantee of the perfect use of space 
  • Easy to clean With only few hand movements, you can remove any dirt from the surface 
  • Compact Perfect for smaller size rooms
  • Lift obtained by legs Makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places

Technical Specifications / Dimensions of Forenzo

Cot Bed Crib – H93cm x L147cm x W75cm 

Chest of Drawers – H85cm x W85cm x D50cm 

Wardrobe - H180cm x W85cm x D50cm


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Converts to toddler bed
Adjustable height
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