10 unexpected advantages of parenthood

When you’re expecting your baby, you’ll hear some warnings, of course -- like ‘you’ll never sleep again’. And you’ll also hear lots about the pros of parenthood -- namely how much you’ll love your baby and the fun they will bring to your life. 

What you probably won’t hear about though, is the following top alternative 10 benefits of becoming a parent. While parenting is undoubtedly very, very difficult at times, it essentially also gives you a lot of excuses to do things you previously felt you couldn’t, and not do things you previously felt you had to. Enjoy these unexpected advantages, you deserve them!

10 alternative benefits to becoming a parent

1. Being able to blame baby brain

You didn’t pay that bill, you didn’t get to the post office in time, you forgot your cousin’s birthday, you didn’t reply to that email… these are probably all things you did (or didn’t do) anyway, before you were a parent -- but now you can blame baby brain and being tired... and nobody can get huffy with you. Hooray!

2. You can almost always wear pyjamas

I mean, what really is the point of clothes for you right now? If you wear something nice you know your baby is going to get sick on it, and you barely ever leave the house past 3 pm anymore, so why not be comfortable? Pyjamas are your new staple wardrobe, the only question is, do you have enough pairs?

3. You can watch more TV

Ok, so you might be pretty socially restricted now you have a baby and bedtime duties. Your sparkly night time clothes may be gathering dust, but at least you can keep on top of your box sets, even if you do have to watch on a low volume and might get interrupted any moment by your baby’s cries… or the sound of your own sofa snores...

4. You no longer have to answer your phone 

The baby might be sleeping don’t you know? So, of course, you have to have it on silent and hidden in a drawer (unless you’re browsing Instagram), so apologies for never being able to call you back. Ahem.

5. Cake is a fundamental part of every day 

And if it isn’t, it should be. You need the carbs, sugar, comfort and instant access that cake allows. Who has time to make a salad with a baby? So if there isn’t cake in the house at all times, someone’s made an error and it needs sorting out quick sharp.

6. Ditto takeaways -- every week -- at least 

As you barely go out anymore, you might as well treat yourself to regular takeaways. You have neither the time or energy to cook, and a delivered pizza is much cheaper than a night on the town, so get dialling!

7. Messy hair? Don’t care 

Even if your baby has slept well, you can blame your ragged new style and general look of apathy or disinterest on being tired. Nobody will dare challenge you.

8. Being late is no longer your fault 

Having a child is a sound excuse for keeping people waiting if ever you’ve heard one. And it’s good for about 4 years at least, longer if you have a child that’s a little feral or stubborn (which most of us do).

9. You don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to 

Work and GP appointments as obvious exceptions, having children is a great excuse for skipping things you can’t be bothered with. From the neighbour’s book club to work drinks to the yoga class you dread even though you know it’s meant to be good for you… now you can be tied up with your baby or simply too tired and ta-da -- another night with a takeaway in your milk-stained leggings awaits. Perfect!

10. You will always feel loved 

Despite the chaos a baby brings your way and no matter what impact this has on your social life, style, sleep and memory function, you will always have someone who loves you beyond question. No matter the messy hair and cake addiction!

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