21 things it's impossible to do with a baby or toddler in tow

Everyone tells you having a baby changes your life, and even before your son or daughter arrives you see this to be true in many ways. Having a child around almost 24/7, sharing your life and home turns everything on its head -- both practically and in making you see the world differently. 

But as well as this, having a baby changes your life in some of the strangest and most unexpected ways. Things you imagined just being able to carry on doing like normal (but with a baby in tow) may actually never be the same again: from enjoying a cup of tea or coffee through to doing your weekly food shop. From newborn through to toddler and beyond, these little people change EVERYTHING -- and there are some things you may very well find impossible to do like you did before. 

How many of these can you relate to?

Things to wave goodbye to in the early years of parenting

  • Eat a cake without having to share it.

  • Go a month without having to visit the GP or pharmacy for yet another baby ailment or worry.

  • Get ready in the morning and leave the house at the time you planned.

  • Have a shower that lasts longer than 1.5 minutes.

  • Go to the toilet in private. No, Mummy, you can’t close the door.

  • Swear at your partner, no matter how annoying they’re being.

  • Take a sick day… this job never ends!

  • Make a tea or coffee… then drink it while it’s still hot.

  • Browse as you shop. Your new shopping method is rushing around before your child gets angry and fed up, throwing anything you think might be vaguely useful into your trolley whilst forgetting 9 out of the 10 things you came in for.

  • Have an uninterrupted conversation with anyone other than your child.

  • Walk quickly -- because your toddler needs to examine every leaf, stone, bug and dog poo it sees.

  • Be on time for ANYTHING.

  • Do housework -- which is a double-edged sword as housework is obviously very boring -- and now you have the perfect excuse not to!

  • Use your phone without it being grabbed at, knocked and the screen smeared by tiny grubby hands.

  • Have a quiet, relaxing day at home.

  • Say NO, mean NO and stick to it. They will always wear you down, always.

  • Sleep peacefully, properly and wake up refreshed. Those were the days!

  • Take a long car journey without packing a million snacks and having to sing a million songs.

  • Have a family meal where no food is thrown or you don’t have to get up to wipe someone’s nose or bum.

  • Watch a film from start to finish -- either because your little one wakes up or because you’re so tired you nod off half way.

  • Adore anything or anyone as much as your peace-robbing, sleep-stealing, loud, cheeky and wonderful and 100% loving little one!

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