Essentials for weaning your baby

Essentials for weaning your baby

The first few months of a baby’s life usually whizz by for parents and before you know it, it’s suddenly time to think about preparing for weaning.

What is weaning?

Weaning is the process by which solid food is introduced to your baby’s diet alongside their usual breastmilk or formula. At first, weaning is all about introducing new tastes, textures and flavours, and less about your baby getting enough food to receive the correct nutrients and be full. It’s usually advised to start weaning when your baby is around 6 months old. 

Weaning your baby can be a huge amount of fun: a chance to find out the first flavours they enjoy (and the ones they don’t!), to introduce them to the foods that can support their growth and the opportunity to take a lot of messy-face photos!

Weaning advice

The thought of weaning can be a little daunting, because it’s a whole new world when your baby has only needed milk for so long. The good news is that weaning doesn’t need to be a hugely complicated process. You can have fun with your little one, introducing first solid foods like vegetables, fruits and some finger foods, and moving on to other cuisines as your baby’s weaning journey progresses. If you’re wondering what products you need for weaning your baby then our handy overview of this fun and messy milestone will clue you in on all the weaning essentials.

You can also read this guide for up-to-date advice on weaning your baby.

What equipment do I need for weaning my baby?

You don’t need a tonne of equipment for weaning your baby, as before you know it, he’ll be eating a lot of the same meals you are so there’s no need to spend a fortune on weaning products you might not get a lot of use from. However, there are definitely some weaning essentials that can help make the process easier for you and for your baby.

We’ve labelled items on the following weaning equipment and weaning accessories lists as essential or maybe, so you can easily see which are must-haves and which may or may not be necessary for you:

Weaning equipment checklist

Maybe items:

  • A Nutribaby, blender or stick blender for easily pureeing food. If you choose to go completely down the Baby Led Weaning route you won’t get much use for this, but most parents do a mix of purees and finger foods so that their baby can easily try different foods and flavours.
  • Plate with multiple sections.
  • Bowls with lidsfor weaning on the go.
  • Booster seat, as a highchair alternative or for taking with you when visiting family or eating out. 

Essential weaning items:

  • A highchair for your baby to sit safely and securely while they eat.
  • A plastic drinking cup or sippy cup with lid.
  • Plastic bowls and plates -- your baby WILL throw and bang these so they mustn’t be breakable!
  • A suction bowl or set as, see above, suction weaning sets can help stop dinner from being thrown across the room!
  • Bibs -- especially wipe clean ones. We love this silicone bibfrom Nuby.
  • Splash mats, to make the post-dinner clean up quicker and less of a headache.
  • Soft tip spoons.

Knowing what the best weaning products for your baby are

It’s best to start with the basic weaning accessories, such as a highchair, bowls, bibs, spoons and cups. Once you’ve got going you’ll have a better idea of what you might need and can always top up your weaning equipment supplies!

If you’d like any help with choosing weaning equipment or accessories for this exciting milestone with your baby, you can visit us in-store, call us on 01159305772 or shop online.

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