Nuby guide | All the accessories you need for your baby

When it comes to buying everyday essentials for your baby, from drinking cups to teethers, you naturally want to be sure you can trust the products. When you buy from trusted brands, you can be reassured that they’re well regulated and that their products are thoroughly tested. This means they’re safe for your baby to use, which is especially important with smaller items such as teethers and toys which your little one is likely to put straight in his mouth!

Leading baby brand Nuby promises parents just that and more. They have been established in the US since 1970, with a UK headquarters formed in 2009. They believe in quality and affordability, never compromising on design or materials.  

Which products do Nuby sell?

Because Nuby have been established for so long, they are extremely good at knowing exactly what babies need at different stages. This starts from newborn, with a useful range of feeding support including electric breast pumps, breast milk bags, anti-colic bottles and a Nuby bottle steriliser.

Nuby toys and teethers

Then continuing the theme of making life a little easier for parents, Nuby can also help you ease your baby’s teething discomfort with safe teethers that double as baby toys. Then when it’s time to think about introducing solid food, Nuby offers useful weaning accessories including this handy suction bowl your baby won’t be able to throw across the room. (Believe us, he will try!) 

Nuby drinking cups

When it comes to introducing a cup to your baby, this can be easier said than done as lots of babies struggle with the concept of a cup or resist moving away from a bottle. Nuby create cups that are designed to be easy and simple for babies to drink from, while also being resistant to spills. Nuby drinking cups are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean as well as easy for your baby to use. 

New baby gift ideas

If friends and family ask for ideas for a gift for your baby, the Nuby brand has a great range of affordable and useful products to choose from. These include fabric books, rattles, pram accessories, bath toys and funky bandana bibs -- all items you and your baby can benefit from, which can also stop you ending up with 15 near identical cuddly teddy bears!

Sleep, play, travel

Nuby’s huge range of baby gear has been designed to help family life run smoothly. From safe sleeping bagsand next to me style bedside co-sleeper cribs, to comfortable supports to help your baby sit up, right through to accessories such as backpacks and baby carriers for hitting the road, Nuby has got you covered. 

You can browse our full range of Nuby baby products here, and just get in touchif you have any questions or need help with purchases for your little one.