Alternatives to using a double buggy

Alternatives to using a double buggy

If you’re expecting another baby, congratulations! Soon life will be double the fun and, whilst it might possibly feel like almost double the chaos at times, you’ll be giving your children the gift of a sibling and loved playmate for life!

Life with two (or more) children undoubtedly changes the dynamic of your family, and there are lots of practical considerations initially too. For example, another baby may mean reorganising your living space and bedrooms. Plus, while you’ll thankfully have lots of baby things you can reuse, there’ll be some things that are worth investing in to make the transition to another little one easier.

Do I need a double buggy for a toddler and newborn?

One of the main things you’re probably thinking about with your new arrival is whether you’ll need to buy a double pushchair or not. If you have a very small age gap, such as two children under 2, buying a double stroller makes complete sense. Practically, your oldest child will still be too young to walk any sort of real distance and will likely still be napping. Having a double pushchair will let you secure both little ones so you can get easily and safely get where you need to go.

However, if your older child will be a little older, say 2 ½ or 3, it may be possible to manage without a double pushchair. This is something some parents want to explore, perhaps due to limited storage space at home, or because their toddler isn’t actually keen on spending time in the pushchair already. 

What are the best alternatives to a double pram?

You’ll still need a way to get out and about with two little ones, and hopefully without chasing a toddler travelling at speed in the wrong direction whilst trying to steer your newborn in her pram! Here are some practical alternatives to transporting your little ones without a double buggy.

Baby carrier and stroller

Your toddler would travel in his pushchair and you’d carry your young baby in a carrier or sling. Your newborn will likely love being held close to you, and carriers can help babies settle and sleep better than in a pram, particularly in the early months as they adjust to the world and no longer being inside you.

There are lots of carriers available, including this award-winner from Nuby, this tie carrier from Cybex which easily adjusts for ideal comfort, and this stylish design from Kinderkraft.

This is a flexible alternative to a double pushchair, as you can switch up when your toddler is walking and put your baby in her pram, and as your toddler grows and can walk further, you can use the carrier less. Baby carriers can make it a little trickier to do certain things, such as helping your toddler off play equipment, but overall this is a really practical and affordable solution for getting out and about without a double buggy.

Pram and buggy board / ride on board

Whilst your toddler may not be able to walk long distances, so long as he is happy to perch on a ride on board, you can transport your newborn in her pram and simply attach a board for your older child.

Lascal buggy boards are universal, fitting almost all prams and strollers. Plus, many pram brands have their own ride on board, for example Babystyle, or iCandy -- their Orange pushchair actually comes with a ride on board integrated into the build.

Ride on boards can be a little less convenient to navigate with on longer walks, but they are a brilliant, cost effective and fun solution for day-to-day shorter trips such as the nursery, park trips or popping to the shops.  

Deciding whether or not to use a double pram will ultimately depend on a number of factors personal to you and your family. These include:

  • How far you walk on a day to day basis (double pushchairs are a better option if you take fairly long walks regularly).
  • The age of your older child when your new baby is due.
  • If your toddler enjoys walking or easily tires.
  • If your toddler currently naps on the go.
  • Your budget.
  • If you’re happy using a baby carrier.
  • If you have space to store a double buggy at home.

To help you decide, it can be a good idea to visit a store and look at some different options, including baby carriers, ride on boards and a range of double stroller options. 

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