Best gifts for newborn babies

The arrival of a new baby in your family or friendship group is always cause for great joy and celebration. Most of us love to mark this special occasion with a gift of congratulations and to welcome the new bundle of joy. Plus, shopping for a baby gift is undoubtedly fun!

In this guide, we offer some tips on choosing the perfect new baby gift together with some ideas for presents to suit every budget.

Tips for choosing a great new baby gift

It doesn’t have to be a newborn gift

While there’s plenty of tempting things to buy for newborn babies -- cute teeny babygrow, anyone? -- babies don’t stay newborn for long! This is especially true of outfits for new babies, as often babies kick about in a vest or babygrow in the early weeks and may not get much wear from full outfits. Parents often appreciate clothes for later in their baby’s first year, or other things they can grow into such as toys. The only thing to bear in mind is to not buy items that will be too bulky to store and take up precious space at home if they’re not needed for months.

Think beyond clothes

Whatever gift you get will be appreciated, but there’s so much available that it’s worth considering an alternative to baby clothes. Items like baby comforters, keepsake boxes, bath accessories or pram toys make beautiful gifts. There are also other practical items that new parents might be grateful for, such as sleeping bags or weaning accessories (6 months pass quickly with a baby!). 

Gifts don’t have to be for the baby

Often parents are inundated with gifts, which is lovely and appreciated, but they could potentially benefit more from something else… for them! This could be practical, like cooking some meals, a voucher for a food delivery service or a box of chocolates. Or, it could be something focused on the new mum, from pampering items to new pyjamas. After all, if she’s going to be awake most of the time she’ll at least enjoy being comfortable!

Don’t be afraid to ask

Most of the time, a new baby gift is a small gesture and not something parents need to be consulted about. However, if you’re not sure what to get, feel free to ask for inspiration as parents could be drowning in baby clothes but short on blankets, for example. And if you are a grandparent or close family member and want to buy something big for the new baby, parents will definitely appreciate you seeking their input. This will ensure they don’t get two of the same big item, and could help them massively with planning their budget for everything they need for their little one’s arrival.

Brilliant gifts for new babies | Inspiration list

We love these gift ideas and are sure baby and parents will too!

Bath toys 

There are tonnes of fun bath toys available, like this undersea explorer, which is popular for babies through to toddler and beyond! We also love this handy and practical gift for easily washing hair. As the baby grows, she’ll love playing with it as a pourer too!

Baby monitor

For bigger, planned presents, baby monitors make great essential gifts.

Fleece blankets

Helping babies stay snug both at home and in the pram, blankets make lovely gifts, especially when they’re beautifully designed like this Clair De Lune one

Car mirror 

Encouraging baby to play, see himself and enjoy car journeys that little bit more means that this gift will be a sure-fire hit for all. 

Bandana bibs

Whether for dribbling or future snacks, funky bandana bibs make a great small gift and the perfect adorable outfit accessory!


Teething isn’t fun for babies or parents, but something safe for them to gnaw on safely can help ease everyone’s discomfort when the time comes.

Sleep aids

We’re yet to meet a parent who hasn’t struggled with lack of sleep, so a present that can support their baby to settle and drift off a little easier is sure to be one worth considering.  

Play toys 

Babies will love the sounds and sights from this rainstick ball, and parents will appreciate the fun and distraction it provides!

Whatever gift you opt for, we're sure both parent and baby will enjoy it. Happy shopping!

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