Newborn sleep | crib, cot or moses basket?

Newborn sleep | crib, cot or moses basket?

Before you bring your baby home from hospital you’ll need to prepare somewhere for her to sleep. Planning everything you need for your baby can be a tall task as the list is long and the many choices can feel a little endless. 

For your baby’s sleep station, popular options are to use a crib, moses basket or a full-size cot. This choice will be partly influenced by how much space you have in your bedroom and downstairs, as your baby should sleep in the same room as you until she is 6 months old. 

Where should a newborn baby sleep?

Other than space, the nest you choose to prepare for your little one is largely down to personal preference. Your newborn can nap in the day and sleep at night wherever you are, at home or out and about. However, before your baby arrives it’s impossible to know where she will most like to lay her head, but you can weigh up the pros and cons of different options to help you decide.

Moses Basket

Moses baskets are suitable for use from birth and one big advantage is that you can easily carry them to different rooms, unlike a crib or cot. They are lightweight and come with carry handles, so mean that your baby can sleep in her moses basket downstairs during the day then, at night, you can carry it upstairs to your bedroom for her to sleep there. 

The downside of a Moses basket is that, depending on your baby’s length, they can be outgrown fairly quickly. She may sleep in it for the first 3 months, but some babies do outgrow their Moses basket faster -- in as little as 8 weeks!

Fortunately, standard Moses baskets aren’t hugely expensive and many parents consider them a sound investment even if they aren’t used for very long. This is because newborn babies tend to like feeling snug and cocooned inside them, just like they were inside the womb. A smaller space like a Moses basket can help them feel safe and may mean they settle better. 

You can place your Moses basket on the floor but if you have a pet or an older sibling then it’s advisable to purchase a stand.


A crib is smaller than a cot but bigger than a Moses basket, so is considered a good in-between option for many parents-to-be. A crib can be used for sleep from newborn usually until around 4-6 months old, depending on your baby’s size. 

Cribs come with a built-in stand so they sit above the floor, usually at a similar height to a bed. Some cribs are stationery but some come with a rocking or gliding option. 

The main downside to a crib is that it isn’t portable so even though they are a good option for your baby to sleep in at night, she will still need somewhere to nap downstairs during the day. However, if you have a carrycot as part of your pram, this can be used for the daytime naps that take place downstairs.

The main benefits of choosing a crib is their value for money as, although they cost more than a Moses basket, they last longer. Because they are more spacious, this might mean your newborn takes longer to settle in it though, potentially feeling less snug than she would in a smaller space. 

Cribs are available as traditional wooden cribs or as a co-sleeper, which is a brilliant solution for many babies. A co-sleeper crib, sometimes referred to as a Next To Me crib, allows the crib to be attached to your bed with the side pulled down at night so you can co-sleep with your baby while maintaining safe, separate spaces. With a co-sleeper, you can easily comfort your baby without getting out of bed multiple times a night. This guide explains more about co-sleeper options for your baby.

Cot or Cot Bed

Whichever option you choose for your newborn baby to sleep in, they will need a cot eventually. Some people choose to use a cot from the very beginning, to save money and to get their little one settled in a cot straight away. 

To do this, you’ll need to ensure you have space to have a cot in your bedroom as they take up a lot more room than a crib or Moses basket. The other important thing to consider is that your baby may struggle to sleep well in such a large space, when they are so tiny because they won’t feel cocooned.  Some people choose to use a cot with the addition of a baby nest or pod, so that your little one feels snug, despite the large space.

Cot beds are excellent value as you can use them from newborn until your little one is 3 or 4 years old. When they are a toddler and ready to progress from the cot, you can remove the sides and turn the cot into a toddler bed. Cot and cot beds also usually have adjustable heights so you can position the mattress higher up when they’re little and move it down lower as they learn to sit up and stand.

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