Using a payment plan for your baby

Using a payment plan for your baby

Buying for your baby is exciting, but it can also be expensive, with lots of essentials to purchase... and a few ‘nice to haves’ too!

Paying for baby items such as prams and nursery furniture on 0% finance is a popular choice for many parents, as it allows the cost to be spread without increasing the overall amount spent. For example, if your chosen pram costs £800, by using an interest free payment plan you’ll still only pay £800, just not all at once. Instead, you’d pay for your pram in installments and receive it once you have made all of your payments.

If you’re thinking about using a no interest pay monthly or pay weekly plan to buy your pushchair or other baby items, you probably have some questions about how it works. We’ve provided answers to commonly asked questions below, and are always happy to help if you need to know anything further. 

Just get in touch and we’ll be pleased to assist. 

FAQ about Little Angels payment plans for prams and baby items

How do I set up my payment plan?

To set up a payment plan with Little Angels, you can just choose the option at checkout, pay your deposit (20% - or more if you wish) and set an amount to pay weekly or monthly, spread over 6 months or less.

If my credit history is bad can I still set up a payment plan?

Yes. We know credit checks aren’t always reliable and can prevent you ordering what you need, so our payment plans are just between Little Angels Prams and you, the customer.

What items can I buy on finance?

You can buy any baby items you need on finance. With, you can take care of your big purchases, such as your pram or pushchair, nursery furniture including cot and changer, car seats and bases, as well as add on optional accessories for your baby and nursery.

You also have the option to set up PayPal partial payments, where we invoice you for your goods and you make installment payments against the invoice whenever you like for a maximum of six months.

Do I need to pay a deposit when I order?

Yes, a 20% deposit is needed when you place your order, or you can pay a higher deposit amount if you wish.

Do you use Klarna finance for prams?

Yes, Klarna is also available as a way to pay, and also 0% interest. When you pay by Klarna, you need to complete payments within 30 days of ordering. This means you get your items faster, but the payment time is shorter than it can be with our standard payment plans.

Is there any interest or other fees to pay?

Absolutely not. When you use our payment plan to pay for your pram or other baby items, you pay the same amount you would if you paid upfront. The only difference is you spread the cost and receive your items later, once the balance is paid.

When will I receive my pram or any other baby items I’ve ordered on finance?

Once your balance is paid we’ll arrange for your pram and/or any other baby items to be delivered, just as we would with a regular order. This can work out well for parents-to-be as you can arrange to pay in installment to suit your due date. If your payments finish several weeks before your baby is due, you can rest easy knowing everything is ordered without having to store it all months in advance. With that in mind, you just need to make sure you order and pay your installments in time for your due date!

Will I still get free delivery?

Yes. You’ll receive the same great service when you use our payment plans, and any manufacturer’s warranty on your pram will remain the same. The only difference is you’re not paying all at once and you won’t receive your order as fast as if you’d paid for it upfront. 

You can read all our payment plan terms HERE.