In 1984, Phil Baechler wanted the opportunity to spend time with his then infant son without forsaking his favorite pastime, jogging. He soon began bringing his son along with him in his baby carriage, but he quickly discovered that standard carriages were not made to endure the stress of long distance usage over various surfaces. So, he designed a specialized stroller that was appropriate for running, and Baby Jogger was born.

Since then, in keeping with our heritage, Baby Jogger has never stopped pushing to find more solutions that allow parents to experience life with baby by their side. From strollers that fold into your hand to strollers that adapt to your growing family?we’ve got you covered. We want to go where you’re going, and our strollers are designed to take you there. We pride ourselves in creating durable, high-quality products, built to withstand it all?just push a Baby Jogger stroller and you’ll feel the difference.

We at Baby Jogger feel inspired and energized by creating solutions that allow you to more easily get out into the world and experience it all with your family. Life is an adventure, and we hope Baby Jogger makes it that much easier to live it!