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Munchkin Shhh... Portable Sound Machine


Place  this  sweet,  plush  hippo  soother  on  a  dresser  or  table  top  and  watch  as  it  fills  the  room  with  starry  lights 
and  up  to  30  minutes  of  gentle  lullabies,  nature  sounds,  or  white  noise.


Babies and young children often sleep well in cars. Zed uses special motors that generate both the low-frequency rumbles of the car suspension and the revving of the engine.


The Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud Soother from Fisher-Price is a fluffy friend that helps comfort and soothe your baby

as they grow from the crib to a big-kid bed.


Little ones love gazing up at this motorized crib mobile with starry light show projection and three soothing audio modes.


The Fisher-Price Soothe 'n Snuggle Otter is a unique plush soother that helps comfort your baby just like you do.


Adjustable, breathable organic cotton baby cocoon

Kind to sensitive skin

High quality and softness

Eco-friendly, organic cotton cover

Extendable: Suitable for 0-8 months

Unzip cover for easy washing