Babymoov Humidifier Hygro +


Baby Humidifier Hygro +

Ensure the cleanest air for baby with the ergonomically designed, noiseless and multi-functional baby humidifier, Hygro+

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Provides clean air for baby, manual or automatic temperature and humidity rate control via its sleek and intuitive touch screen panel. It also offers 5 levels of steam flow, gentle night light and oil diffuser ability too.


  • Digital display of humidity rate, temperature and time: Monitor room temperature and humidity 
  • Manual or automated control: Regulate desired air temperature and humidity levels throughout the day and night time with the automation function
  • Adjustable steam output at 360°
  • Sleek backlit touch screen (use at night)
  • Colour-changing night light function (7 colours)
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • With a full tank of water, hygro+ will run for optimal 22 hours to guarantee automated control from baby's bedtime to waking up and longer
  • Hygro+ will automatically turn off when water level is too low. This ensures the product is always safe when unattended


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