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Boppy Pillow is a simple, easy-to-use product with a series of specifically researched features and multi-functions to make it the ideal nursing companion. It is a strong and firm pillow, providing soft, stable and safe support with its clever shape from pregnancy to 6 months and beyond.

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The Boppy Pillow is a multi-functional pillow that is parents’ best comfort companion. It has a plethora uses from pregnancy through to 6 months and beyond.

At feeding time the Boppy Pillow ensures correct positioning and attachment of your baby to your breast thus preventing the onset of any pain. Due to its specificity and consistency of padding it also allows you to maintain a comfortable position, reducing muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. Encouraging correct posture, with its ability to mould to your body without losing its shape, you can be sure to maintain a healthy and natural position during feeding.

Boppy Pillow is a truly versatile product that has many uses aside from feeding. During pregnancy it can be used to support your back, or at night time your knees or bump whilst sleeping on your side. As your little one gets older the Boppy Pillow can be used as a safe comfy nest for relaxation, later on for tummy time play to aid development of coordination and motor experimentation and finally to help them maintain their balance when seated alone, in complete safety.

Feeding and nursing pillow that helps to maintain a correct posture and ensures your baby is able to feed easily and peacefully

  • Will adapt to the shape of any parent
  • Can also be used to provide pre-natal back, knee or tummy support whilst sleeping – the perfect pregnancy support
  • Super-versatile - can also be used as a baby nest for helping baby to sit and for tummy time
  • Removable cotton cover - both pillow and cover are washable


53 x 15 x 48 cm


Product Type
Sleeping aids
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