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The ultimate 3 in 1 sleeptime solution that allows parents to side-sleep as long as they wish, ensuring a better sleep for parents and baby with total safety thanks to the patented anti mis-use barrier system. In just one product parents can find 3 different functionalities: bedside sleeping cot , traditional cot and floor bed for toddlers. Suitable from birth upto 4 years! Next2Me Forever, Next2You for Longer.


The official Chicco Next2Me Original Mattress is designed to replace the existing mattress in your Chicco Next2Me Original Crib. 


Soft and stylish bedding set from Chicco composed of two fitted sheets to match your Chicco Next2Me, Chicco Next2Me Dream, Chicco Next2Me Magic and Chicco Zip&Go travel crib. Made from 100% soft cotton.


An innovative projector panel with a special practicle and safe hook system to attached to metal and woodern cots. Suitable for Next2Me, Next2Me Dram and lullago. Projects with automatic colour change in 3 different light effects. A built in sound sensor activates the light and music if your child is cries during the night. 


Both a nightlight and portable guide light, very easy to use and offering up to ten minutes of melodies, the Dreamlight Bear by Chicco will become your little one’s glowing friend from birth! 


With our side-sleeping crib, it's easier to feed your baby and more comfortable to sleep - it's nicer to stay together!


Chicco Terry Cloth Protective Mattress Cover creates a dry sleeping environment for your baby.


A breathable and practical mattress protector from Chicco. Allows air flow between the mattress and where your baby rests, supporting the body tempture of your little one.  


Chicco Baby Hug Air 4-in-1 works as a 24 hour crib, raised recliner, highchair and a first table chair for your little one – growing alongside them in their first 3 years. Innovatively designed with multiple uses, the Baby Hug is as space saving as it is convenient to use, for you and your baby throughout all stages of the day and night at home. Evolving from the original Baby Hug 4-in-1, the Air features wider side netting for smoother air flow and increased visibility.


Mattress accessory to your Baby Hug 4-in-1 to keep your little one comfortable during rest or sleep.


"The Chicco Next2Me Magic is the most premium model from Chicco’s award winning family of bedside sleeping cribs. With all the benefits of the original Next2Me as well as additional features in a more luxurious design. The one-handed sliding side panel, ergonomic rocking mechanism, 11 height levels, upgraded mattress featuring a mesh top layer for improved ventilation and air circulation all combine for a comfortable and safe sleep side-by-side.
Meets the new bedside crib safety standard EN 1130:2019."


The Chicco Next2Me Air bedside crib is an innovation on the original bedside crib that allows you to sleep safely co-sleep with your new arrival, from birth to 6 months, as the crib becomes an extension of your bed when safely secured to your bed. 


Part of Chicco’s award winning family of bedside sleeping cribs, the Next2Me Dream features all the benefits of the much loved original Chicco Next2Me crib with 3 additional features: a one-handed drop bar opening, 11 adjustable heights and fixed or rocking mode.


Offical bedding sheet sets from Chicco. 100%  soft cotton. Composed by 2 fitted sheets. Suitable for Baby Hug 4 in 1             "


Boppy Pillow is a simple, easy-to-use product with a series of specifically researched features and multi-functions to make it the ideal nursing companion. It is a strong and firm pillow, providing soft, stable and safe support with its clever shape from pregnancy to 6 months and beyond.


A soft little lamb with a gentle night light to accompany your baby into the land of sleep


The new Chicco 3-in-1 Next2Moon projector is little ones favourite sleeping aid that combines projected storytelling with calming music to guide them softly into their dreams.


Chicco Terry Cloth Protective Mattress Cover creates a dry sleeping environment for your baby.


Chicco Magic Forest Foxy Colourful Projection 0 Months and Over is a cute little fox-shaped portable nightlight to help your baby enjoy their sleep time.