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Teach your little ones about rhythm, whilst stimulating all their senses with these funky maracas.  You can create lots of beats and rhythms whilst watching the beads shake.

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Your little one can rotate, shake and roll this musical toy. With the sound of the rain attracting baby’s attention, this rainmaker will stimulate little ones ability to recognise sound. Shake and spin until your heart is content.


Keep your little one engrossed and enchanted for hours with this musical table set. The table includes 6 different instruments to inspire and engage children for hours. Beat the drums, ring the bell, strum the xylophone or make gentle sounds with the triangle.


This assorted set of 6 different Pastel Mini Bead Coasters are the perfect inspiration for creative play. Let your children move the beads along the twisted rails and explore the colourful world.


This colourful wooden balancing game will offer hours of fun for the entire family. Take turns adding the frogs to the water lily and see who can keep the most frogs balanced at the same time! 


This magic ball features a range of colours and can be stretched and compressed. Excellent for stimulating imagination, colour and shape recognition and helps to develop motor skills.


Hello! Try to call someone with this cute phone and catch up. The mirror front reflects the baby’s smile. Push down the buttons to choose different functions and shake to ring. Pressing the but-tons plays little tunes which encourages engagement.


Encourage walking and help enhance creativity with this pull train that your toddler can re-design as much as their hearts desire. Re-stack all of the different shapes onto the train’s carriages stimulating creativity and then slot the carriages together enhancing fine motor skills.


Let’s decorate Coco with colorful dress! This adorable rocking bear tower will be one of the favorite toys for your toddler. The bear tower is made of beechwood base and MDF circles and is durable for years of use.


Another beautiful traditional wooden toy from Classic World, but with a twist. The six wooden pieces can be stacked, balanced, or played with separately to the stacking game.


A beautiful pastel wooden balance stacking toy designed to entertain little ones for hours on end whilst teaching them at the same time.


This elephant rattle and push toy is great for infants. It’s fun, colourful and interactive. And of course, it’s safe: made from beachwood with non-toxic water based stain.


This wooden rattle with soft features will be a great help when your baby is teething. As the UFO is shaken, it will attract your baby’s attention and keep them entertained. 


This macaroon rattle is a compact toy that consists of different materials which will help stimulate your little ones fine motor skills. The little mirror will help keep your little one entertained for hours.


These rattle keys are perfect for when you need yours back! Rattle them to make noises so your little one can enjoy the different sensory elements.


Just the right size for toddler’s hands – this wooden caterpillar toy is fun to twist and bend. It’s made of durable wooden balls and strong elastic meaning it will stand even the roughest of play! 


Colourful wooden pounding bench with 6 pegs and a hammer that will help your little one develop their hand-eye coordination and arm strength.


This clever balancing game makes little ones use the colourful wooden blocks to correctly balance the friendly crocodile. A great teaching tool to aid hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and shape recognition.


This colourful and cute biscuit baking set is perfect for inspiring little bakers. This set comes with 8 sliceable biscuits, a cotton glove, scraper and tray. Food-based role play will inspire your little ones creativity. Your little one will be the perfect baker in no time!


Smile! Capture the moment with this vintage camera. See through the rotatable lens to discover a new world. It can help develop children’s curiosity.


Make learning to walk fun for your little one with this cute pull dog toy. As your little one pulls along the dog behind them, the bell will ring attaching little one’s attention.


Your child will learn colours, numbers, hours and minutes as they play with this multi-activity clock. Fit the numbers into the right slots based on their shapes. It helps develop flexibility and fine motor skills.


These animal blocks sets are made from 14 wooden blocks that can be combined to build the animal. They help to develop children’s imagination, visual discrimination, spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and problem-solving skills.


This wall game is a great strategic thinking game and is easy and fun for all ages. Take turns removing one brick at a time, but be careful, if the wall collapses the game is over!