Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat


Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat

Six fun, floaty pals encourage cause and effect learning when baby pats this colourful mat. Perfect for tummy time and high chair play, when out riding in a stroller, and more! Babies delight as the characters bob and move when the mat is poked.

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Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat

The Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat is the perfect companion for your little one during tummy time or when you're on the go. This cheerful water-filled narwhal features six adorable floating pals that move whenever baby pats it, creating a fun and interactive experience.

Designed with bright and bold colors, this water mat provides visual stimulation, keeping your little one entertained and distracted. The vibrant colors are not only visually appealing but also help in developing your baby's cognitive skills.

The Pat & Play Water Mat is an excellent tool for encouraging your baby to spend more time on their tummy. Tummy time is essential for strengthening their neck and shoulder muscles and promoting motor skills development. With this water mat, your baby will be more inclined to stay in that position as they watch the floating pals move with every pat.

Not only is this water mat entertaining, but it is also practical for parents on the go. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation, making it perfect for travel or outings. You can easily fold it and pack it in your diaper bag without taking up much space.

Made from high-quality materials, this water mat is safe for your baby to use. It is free from any harmful substances and is durable enough to withstand your baby's playful exploration.

Overall, the Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat is a fantastic product that combines entertainment, cognitive development, and practicality. Get one for your little one today and watch them have a splash-tastic time!


  • Perfect for muscle strengthening tummy time and sit & play
  • 6 floating sea pals capture baby’s attention
  • Extra large! 18 x 27 inches
  • Easy to fill and drain

Item Size (cm)

Item Size (cm) : 68.50 x 45.70 x 1.90 
Item Weight (gms) : 230.00


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Suitable from
3 months plus
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year