Janod Brico Kids Tool Box


Janod Brico'Kids Drill

The Janod Brico'Kids Drill is the perfect way to introduce young children, aged 3 to 8, to the world of tools and construction. This wooden drill is designed to mimic a real grown-ups' drill, offering an authentic and engaging play experience.

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Janod Brico Kids Tool Box

The Janod Brico Kids Tool Box is the perfect toy for budding do-it-yourself enthusiasts! This wooden carrying case is not only adorable, but it also contains everything your little one needs to start their DIY adventures.

Inside the easy-to-carry case, you'll find 9 wooden tools that are specially designed for small hands. From a hammer and screwdriver to a wrench and saw, this toolbox has it all! Each tool is made from high-quality wood and features a smooth finish, ensuring durability and safety for your child.

The carrying case itself is made from sturdy wood and is lightweight, making it easy for kids to transport their tools wherever their imagination takes them. The little wooden handle adds a cute touch and allows for easy carrying.

With the Janod Brico Kids Tool Box, your child can engage in endless hours of imaginative role play. They can pretend to fix things around the house, build their dream projects, or even help out mom and dad with their DIY tasks. This toy not only encourages creativity and imaginative play but also enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Whether your child wants to be the next handyman or simply enjoys pretending to be one, the Janod Brico Kids Tool Box is the perfect toy to foster their curiosity and creativity. Get ready to witness your little one's DIY skills come to life with this fantastic tool set!


  • Easy to carry thanks to its little wooden handle
  • Case containing 9 DIY tools
  • Encourages engagement in role play
  • Approximate dimensions: 29cm x 5.7cm x 22.7cm
  • Made from rubber tree wood
  • Suitable from 3 to 8 years


Item Size (cm) : 29.00 x 5.70 x 22.70 
Item Weight (gms) : 1,000.00 


Interactive toys, Tools,
Suitable from
3 years plus
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year