Janod Confetti Musical Set


Janod Musical Set Sunshine

The Janod Musical Set Sunshine, where the concert is about to begin! This adorable set of 5 wooden instruments is perfect for little ones who are ready to explore the world of music.

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Janod Confetti Musical Set Sunshine

The Janod Confetti Musical Set is the perfect introduction to the world of music for little ones. This beautifully decorated wooden set features a vibrant confetti design that will capture their imagination and inspire creativity.

With this set, children can explore the different sounds and rhythms of music through various instruments. The eight-note metal xylophone allows them to experiment with different notes and create their own melodies. The tambourine with two cymbals adds a fun and rhythmic element to their music-making, while the flute allows them to produce sweet and melodic tunes. The pair of castanets adds a touch of percussion to their musical repertoire.

Not only does this musical set provide endless hours of fun and entertainment, but it also offers a range of developmental benefits. As children play these instruments, they will improve their hand-eye coordination, as they learn to strike the right keys on the xylophone or manipulate the castanets. Their audio skills will also be enhanced as they listen and experiment with different sounds and tones.

Moreover, this musical set nurtures the development of their own musical talents. By engaging in musical improvisation, children can let their creativity soar and express themselves through their own compositions. This not only builds their confidence but also fosters a love for music that can last a lifetime.


  • Musical instrument set in wood with confetti design
  • Includes an xylophone, tambourine with 2 cymbals, flute and pair of castanets
  • Develops creation and understanding of music
  • Encourages creativity and experimentation
  • Made from wood
  • Suitable from 2 to 5 years


Item Size (cm) : 32.50 x 7.00 x 28.50 
Item Weight (gms) : 1,000.00 


Suitable from
2 Years +
Manufacturer's warranty
1 year