How to leave the house with a baby

How to leave the house with a baby

The days can be long with a new baby, especially following another sleepless night. Things you took for granted for so many years before becoming a parent can, at times, now feel like a monumental challenge, like making a sandwich, drinking a whole cup of tea or remembering what day it is…

The baby books tell you your life is going to change, but often lack specific detail that explains exactly how. It would be refreshing to read a chapter titled, ‘The end of ever nipping anywhere again’, for example. Yet you don’t find this out until one day you’re sat with your newborn and realise you’ve been trying to leave the house for 2.5 hours.

If this is you, you are not alone, not by a long way. Ever wondered how, despite the day dragging, it’s got to 3 pm and you’ve still not had lunch, a shower or a single second to order your exhausted mind? If so, this is for you. 

How many of these steps do you find yourself doing regularly? 

Leaving the house with a baby in 23 easy peasy steps

  1. Remember you have plans to meet a friend, do baby yoga or just really need to buy more nappies and tea bags.
  2. Feel slightly on edge… can you actually make it out of the house easily this time? Or will it be another test of your emotional and physical endurance?
  3. Wonder if you really have enough strength to get dressed and brush your teeth. Just. So. Tired.
  4. Feed your baby while you decide.
  5. Baby falls asleep. Delay trip out.
  6. Still can’t shower or get dressed as baby wakes screaming every time you put him down.
  7. Hold sleeping baby and enjoy resting together… while also wishing you could put him down for just five flipping minutes to make a cup of tea.
  8. Think about the kind of day you imagined having with your baby before they were born. Hmm. Sitting in your pj’s with a brown smear on your face that may very well be baby poo wasn’t quite what you were expecting.
  9. Baby wakes up. Maybe he’ll be feeling refreshed, chilled and happy for you to shower… or maybe not.
  10. Try to have a shower 713 times before giving up and using a baby wipe.
  11. Look for clothes that are clean, ironed and fit you. Eventually, settle for one out of three.
  12. Risk assess your baby for a short trip out: fed - tick, changed - tick, not overtired - tick. Success!
  13. Wander round the house from room to room for two minutes trying to remember what it is you’ve forgotten. Eventually give up.
  14. Look for the car keys. WHERE ARE THE CAR KEYS? (They are in your hand.)
  15. Put baby securely in the car seat. Where he promptly does a poo.
  16. Take him out, change him, pop him back in. Let’s go!
  17. Baby screams like he has been abandoned in the jungle. Take him out to cuddle and calm him. He falls asleep.
  18. Like a stealth ninja, try to reposition him back in the car seat without waking him. Naturally, you fail.
  19. Four hours, or maybe five minutes later - who knows any more - baby settles a little, through a desperate mix of rocking, singing and begging on your part.
  20. Slowly, carefully, gently, with all fingers crossed, lift the car seat out of the door and close it behind you. You did it!
  21. Go back inside to retrieve your forgotten phone/jacket/changing bag.
  22. Secure car seat and baby in the car, get in yourself and breathe a small sigh of relief. The sweet smell of victory and possibly baby sick.
  23. Now - where are you meant to be going again?!

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